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#5523: How generous.

In a stunning display of bipartisanship, Democrats are willing to negotiate with Republicans on Supreme Court nominees.


...what this means is that Democrats are telling the GOP they'll vote to confirm nominees who are more to their liking. As usual.

Let the GOP use "the nuclear option" much as Harry Reid did when the situation was reversed.

* * *

I would be ecstatic if Hillary Clinton ran for President again in 2020. It doesn't mean that she would be elected, much less win the nomination, but I sure would love to see it.

* * *

"An F-16 fighter jet crashed xi miles southwest of Joint Base Andrews, in Maryland." Is this a return to roman numerals? Did it crash 11 miles away from the base? More likely they didn't know the distance and just hit a few keys as a placekeeper, but I got an iota of amusement from it.

Pilot's safe, and no one else was injured, so it's okay to joke about it.

* * *

Thanks to NSA, it's no longer necessary to physically wiretap anyone.

And Obama did it for years.
By the way, the leftist narrative has flipped from "You're insane to claim Obama spied on Trump" to "It would have been insane for Obama not to spy on Trump."
That's right. Now that we know that the Obama administration did indeed spy on the opposing political party's candidate for President--something that forced Nixon from office in the 1970s!--the Democrats' faithful lapdogs have pivoted from insisting that Obame would never have spied on Trump are insisting that well of course he did, because it's Trump for crying out loud! Not spying on Trump is like not spying on the Russians!

I don't level that comparison to the Nixon administration lightly. The illegal action in the Watergate case was "breaking and entry"; here it's the dissemination of classified information. Different method, different crime, but the same motivation. Nixon was crucified for it, yet the press is strangely (hand of sarcasm!) silent on Obama's abuse of power.

In Obama, we have combined the worst qualities of the #2 and #3 worst Presidents of the 20th century, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. Thank god he's out of power.

* * *

#1? Woodrow Wilson, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

* * *

Something I've noticed, of late: when watching television shows on networks which allow swearing, certain terms are used to the exclusion of all others.

Sexual intercourse? "Fucking". Always. Never "sex", never any of a thousand other words; always "fuck" or "fucking". If they can use the word, that's the one they use.

Male genitals? "Cock". Always. Never "penis" or any of a thousand other words; it's always "cock".

Urinating? "Piss" or "pissing." Always. Breaking wind is always "farting", defecating is always "shitting". Whatever the action is, the writers will find and use, universally, the crudest term they can, and they never vary it by using other, less crude, terms.

Tiresome. And it betrays a complete lack of imagination. Or, who knows, maybe that's just how people talk in their social circles, so they think everyone talks like that all the time.

* * *

Well: Sunday Mrs. Fungus wanted me to order new video cards for our computers. So we ordered a pair of GTX 1050Ti video cards, which should give a 2x real-world boost in video performance over the GTX 650 cards currently occupying our computers, and which are original equipment. Benchmarks etc show the 1050Ti being 3x faster than the 650, so we'll see how that goes. These cards have 2x the VRAM of the OE cards, which by itself ought to help a ton.

* * *

Yesterday was a lost day. More panic attack today, leaving me in a Xanax coma for most of the day. I feel embalmed. Weather is getting colder; they predict about an inch of snow for tomorrow. Whee.

I'm simultaneously disappointed and relieved that we didn't get more snow this winter. It certainly has been made up for by all the rain we got; and over the past couple of weeks the back yard has remained swampy except when it was frozen solid.

I can't remember what day it was now, but as I was going out, I saw a rainbow. A complete 180° arc across the sky. Made my day.

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