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#5527: The blackboard gulag

Chicago mayor tears up school rules in favor of his totalitarian preferences.

(I learned to write headlines from the major media! More on that later.)

Chicago mayor and Obama crony Rahm Emanual wants to withhold high school diplomas from graduates until and unless they can demonstrate that they "have a plan" for what they're going to do after high school. They need to show proof of employment or college acceptance before they can have their diplomas.

I realize that we're talking about the socialized educational system, so it's probably redundant to talk about government encroachments on freedom, but it's getting kind of ridiculous nonetheless. We keep adding all sorts of ludicrous requirements to the list of things kids have to do before they're allowed to leave the compulsory educational system. Now, Chicago wants to withhold the (virtually worthless) piece of paper until they've jumped through one more hoop.

As if, by doing so, the unmotivated will somehow magically become motivated.

Making kids get a certain number of volunteer hours before they could graduate--that alone is pretty shitty; and there's a half-dozen other stupid things Illinois forces on high school kids. Like "Consumer Education", a class everyone has to take and pass, and which is thus watered down to approximately the fourth grade level and conveys no useful information whatsoever.

Public high school in America is a colossal waste of time, anyway.

* * *

That second link: "Republicans tore up Senate rules", AP tells us, to get Gorsuch's nomination approved. As usual, the mainstream media is lying, because that's all they've got.

Republicans just took advantage of an alteration to precedent Harry Reid effected in 2013, to get Obama nominees passed, when Republicans filibustered them.

The left hates it--hates it--when we use their rules on them. But the simple fact is that you should never govern as if you think you will never be out of power...because as soon as you are, the rules and policies and precedents you set can and will be used against you.

* * *

I forgot to mention, in yesterday's post--as I was wrapping things up at Dad's house, I got a call from Mrs. Fungus, who told me we didn't have any water. I had her take a look out front to see if there was water running down the street--a sure sign of a water main break--but she didn't see anything.

I was an hour away from home, so I made sure the house was secure and headed out. By the time I got home, we had water again.

Well: today I had to run to the bank, and on my way out of the neighborhood what did I see on the north end of the street but wet, hacked-up pavement, which means--yep!--the water main broke!


I don't know what the hell is going on, here, but whatever they used to make that water main, it's not very good. At this point I am suspecting it was constructed of tin cans and bailing wire. I want to say this is the ninth time it's happened in the past decade, but I'd have to dig through the entirety of the Fungus to verify that number, so I won't. Certainly it's been more than five, which already is four times too many for a single street in one decade.


* * *

I was up late working on the novel, and didn't get to bed until after five.

I needed to sit back and take some time out to think about how the big attack on Earth is going to proceed, though. I've got to do some editing, to make the story fit the revised battle plan, but not much--and the story will be better for it.

That's later, though. Looks as if it'll be a nice warm day out today.

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