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#5528: Ha! I don't use Word!

And, don't download attachments from people you don't know.

But this is an exploit which requires Word, and I use Apache OpenOffice. Heh.

* * *

"Dan Rather Slams Media For Calling Trump "Presidential". I slam the media for calling Dan Rather "a journalist".

Dan Rather, old communist, why don't you just stay retired and fade away like your brethren? And STFU while you're at it?

* * *

Ah, leftists, we would not recognize you were you not invariably hypocritical. Obama bombs Syria, no problem. Trump bombs Syria, they're all over the place protesting it.

I don't know what to think of Trump's action yet. I'd hoped he wouldn't get pulled into the neocon desire for continuous war, but on the other hand, prior to "Shock and Awe" in 2003 there were a lot of semi trucks hauling...something...from Iraq to Syria, and there was a strange unavailability of freight containers around the same time. Almost as if Saddam Hussein had moved a lot of...something...out of his country that he didn't want anyone to find.


I do want to see us stop being involved in the middle east, though. My preference is for the US to act to protect American interests, but otherwise simply to stay the hell out of it all and let the savages kill each other to their hearts' content.

* * *

As always the American left is strangely silent about sexism and misogyny in islamic countries like Iran. Woman? Not allowed to run a marathon in Iran. Because islamic savages get all rapey if they see a woman's ankles.

* * *

Remember that solar roadway nonsense? $4.3 million dollars later, it's generated an average of 0.62 kWh per day. Okay, that's not an instantaneous power figure (that would be 0.62kW) but the total energy collected for an entire day. 0.62 kilowatt-hours is about enough electricity to run ten 60W incandescent light bulbs for one hour.

It's enough to kind-of light a small room (using a single 60W incandescent bulb) for about ten hours.

The article does not say how much area was "paved" with this stupid crap, nor does it really give any other specifics--but for $4.3 million you could buy enough conventional solar panels to run an entire house and pay for power storage, backup generator, and installation of everything...and have enough left over to buy the house.

"New technology" blah blah blah etcetera but as a "proof of concept" this whole thing stinks.

* * *

You would think that people would know better than to use "ass" as shorthand for "assorted". I'm a big believer in "misc", myself.

As always, the hyphenation question: ripe-ass avocados, or ripe ass-avocados?

* * *

Panic attack continued through the night, though I was able to get some sleep; had half a tab of Xanax this morning, and that knocked me right the hell out. But no more "OMG I'm suffocating!" so I'll call that a "win" even though it thoroughly cocked over my day.

This damned shoulder isn't getting any better, either. May end up hitting the doc this week or next to get it looked at. Argh etc.

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