atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5529: There simply aren't any words.

No words here. None. I haven't got any to spare.

Did the usual pre-blog surf, had a gander at some things, and nothing really prompted any comment, or conscious thought.

Past few days have alternated between low-level anxiety attacks and unconsciousness. The difference is whether or not I take Xanax to quell the anxiety, with the result that last night I went to bed when my wife did, and promptly kept her awake much later than bedtime with stentorian snoring, which I usually only do when I'm completely exhausted. But she had to be at work today, so I abdicated the connubial bed and slept elsewhere until her alarm went off. After she left, back to sleep for several more hours, with the result that I didn't get up until after 2 PM, but at least I don't feel exhausted any longer.

Not sure what's going on with the snoring. It feels as if there's swelling in my retronasal space which is causing the issue; that could be any of about a billion different causes, but my first guess would be "sinusitis" because hey, why not? Probably the thing to do is to drop $25 on a bottle of Nasacort and start taking puffs of that every day, because that would rather nicely eliminate "hay fever" as a cause and it can't hurt. I like Nasacort, anyway; I had an RX for it when I was living in Cedar Rapids and it did help with the allergies, to the point that as long as I had it (which was about a year, until I lost my job at Rockwell and therefore my hypernifty benefits which, among other things, made Nasacort affordable to me by knocking about $100 off the price) I had a much-reduced tendency towards sinusitis.

Bears thinking about.

Still gotta go see the doctor; this shoulder is killing me. I'll ask him about the sinusitis when I'm there.

This damned shoulder is keeping me from doing anything outside, useful things like cutting down the sumac trees by the fence. I can exert force close to my body, but when I extend my arm--well, even just holding it straight out from my body is painful. Kind of like this:

(Artist's representation. My hair is not actually that fabulous.)

Now, I've had this kind of trouble in the past, with my shoulders; usually it goes away after a while. This has not; in fact it's gotten worse. Fortunately, 800 mg of Ibuprofen controls the pain, but it doesn't really help with range of motion--there are still movements which hurt, a lot. Arthritis? Something else? Doc should be able to help. I've had this problem since January at least; it's not going away on its own, that's for sure.

I haven't even tried riding the motorcycle. Plate's still expired. It seems as if it'd be okay, but I'm not sure, and since I want to ride my bike a bit--well, best get cracking, it seems.

* * *

The other day I improvised a sharps container for used syringes. Mrs. Fungus buys these plastic jars of grapefruit slices; I took an empty one, cleaned it out, and cut a hole in the lid. Now, after shooting the cat, I put the caps back on the syringe and--instead of tossing it in the trash--drop it into the jar.

No one's going to get HIV or hepatitis from these things--not even the feline versions, as Bosco is 100% healthy other than the diabetes--but it's better to do it this way regardless. No one likes messing around with syringes.

* * *

Nice warm day today, but windy. Neighbor is working on something at the front of his house, kids playing in the driveway, and '80s music coming from the garage. Pleasant and unobtrusive, not like the idiots with ultrabass stereos going BOOM BOOM BOOM with no other identifiable music audible above it. Besides, it's the music of my youth. That only becomes annoying if it goes on too late; but if his music bothered me, closing the window would be enough to stop it.

Unlike the idiots with the bass.

* * *

Well, tomorrow is Monday; I'll be going back to Dad's house for more work. Carpet cleaners coming; cleaning crew coming back to fix the shit they missed (argh) and I want to try hosing off the exerior with the powerwasher. Busy day tomorrow.

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