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#5530: Continuous effort all day.

So, today I went back to Dad's house, with my pressure washer and a plan.

Got there a bit before 10, and started in with the washer. That took me 2.5 hours to complete, and it started raining as I was finishing, but I did it, and now the siding almost seems to glow.

Cleaning people came, eventually, and started working on the things they should have done but didn't. Little things, you know, like wiping the dust off shelves and cleaning all the bathrooms, you know. I had to check everything they did.

Around 1:30 I decided I needed lunch, so I told the cleaners I'd be back in half an hour and went out to drop some things in the storage unit and get a sandwich.

I got back at 2:00. Cleaners were gone, Stanley Steemer was there, so I let the Steamer guys in and decided I'd get to work on washing the windows. folks had absconded with my friggin' window cleaning spray.

I'm going to say this now: if you ever need a house cleaned, avoid using Maid In America. You have to check everything they do, and I mean you have to check every last detail. We paid them an extra $50 to clean the fridge and stove, and the damned fridge wasn't even cleaned completely. I had to wipe the top of it off myself. They half-assed everything I didn't check, and in some cases half-assed it again when I told them it needed to be done correctly.

...they left while I was out, took my cleaning supplies, and left the kitchen window open in a thunderstorm. Fortunately no rain blew in on the brand-new laminate flooring!

But! With Stanley Steemer there, I was able to eat a much-belated lunch (Subway BMT FTW) and then repair to the garage and disassemble the bench (sitting-type) that had formerly graced the front porch. See, I intended to bring the patio furniture home--it's a nice set!--and the bench, but I couldn't carry all of it without a trailer...unless I took the bench apart.

So there I was, in the garage, disassembling the bench, while the Steemer guys did their thing. They did a bang-up job; there's only so much you can do with 40-year-old carpeting and they did what they could. We mainly wanted to get the smell out, anyway.

Steemer guys left when the job was done. I don't think it took them more than an hour or so. I went to Target for the first time since 2009 and bought some cleaning supplies, then got to work.

Cleaned all the windows, cleaned a few things the cleaning idiots missed, and then took a moment to admire my handiwork. The house looks great now, with clean windows and siding and everything.

Closed up the place, hit the garage again to start loading the truck. Took a few minutes to amble around the yard with a trash bag, picking up random bits of garbage that blew there from parts unknown. Re-bagged the trash left by the cleaning idiots.

Slats for the bench went in first. Then the patio chairs, and I was surprised to see they fit upright. Vertical parts of the bench, cast iron, went in next. Pressure washer. A couple of lamps we decided to save. My cleaning supplies. Some yardwork tools. Everything fit fine. Closed tailgate; now for the table.

Turns out the table could fit easily between the roof rack crossbars, so I put it up there that way, with the rear crossbar moved up to hold the table in place. (There are rub strips which keep the table from scratching the paint.) Then I used two ratchet straps to doubly secure the table to the roof.

I love having such a capable vehicle.

Crammed myself into the truck and drove home, just in time for rush hour--but I had an old CD of anime music in the player, so I just drove and sang and relaxed. home, levered myself out of the truck, and GYAAARRGHHH OW OW OW OH LORD HAVE MERCY....

It was so bad that when I came out to get my second load to carry in, I saw that I hadn't even closed the driver's side door. Dang.

Anyway, so the truck is still laden with patio furniture; I'll unload it after I recuperate from today's efforts.

Step one: a shower, then a hot soak with epsom salts. Plus side is, these are just the pains of a day spent on physical labor, after a long period of inactivity. I'm not injured or anything. I'll be fine. week, maybe.

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