atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5532: "Reaccomodation"

So, by now we've all heard about the guy who was violently ejected from a United Airlines flight because he objected to being selected to be ejected because the airline overbooked the flight and needed four seats on the plane to get some of its employees to Saint Louis.

United Airlines calls this process "reaccomodation". Even when it involves having government thugs beat someone bloody.

Karl Denninger has the best summation of the facts.

See, the passengers had already been allowed onto the plane and seated; the boarding process was complete. If you then tell someone he has to get off the plane you are not "denying boarding" to that person, as he's already boarded. You are ejecting him from the plane.

United Airlines really screwed the pooch with this one. I know I'm never going to fly them again.

* * *

There is always a price to be paid. NY state governor announces a plan to make college tuition "free", but then adds that you can't take your fancy NY-financed degree and move to California (or other states) because the point is to train people who will stay in NY.

It's not really "free", then, is it? What if that "free" degree can make you a lot more money in Texas than it can in NY? How many years do you have to stay in NY before they allow you to move without having to pay for your "free" schooling?

We used to call that sort of arrangement "indentured servitude" and it was made illegal at the same time chattel slavery was. Then again, Democrats opposed that change.

* * *

Aching and stiff all night last night; better today. I do not spring back as quickly as I did thirty years ago, but eighteen hours of stiffness and soreness is reasonable for the amount of work I did yesterday. I can live with that.

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