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#5533: Amazing what twenty minutes can contain.

So, had errands to run, needed to remove stuff from truck first. I went outside and got to work.

First off, I needed to put the pressure washer away. I'd had to extricate it from the pile; I didn't want to have to re-insert it into the socket left behind, but instead wanted to neaten things up--so I did that. I ended up filling that "recycling" trash barrel with cat litter buckets--I don't need as many as I've accumulated, and recyling them is better than simply tossing them--and got rid of some other crap, to boot. The result is a neater garage, one where I can walk from front to back again.

Looking it over, I counted eleven internal combustion engines in there. Three of them are motorcycles. *sigh*

But! The fact that I was able to make so much room so quicky is encouraging, because it means that it's mainly just a problem of having thrown shit haphazardly into the garage. I can fix that pretty easily.

From Dad's house I brought home two push mowers and two snowblowers. I'll get rid of one of each, in all probability; I just need to figure out how I'll do that (recycle or Craigslist). The other thing I'll do is dig through the pile and find shit that can go; there's stuff in there I saved (like a bunch of moldy Saturday Evening Posts) which can safely be tossed out. And $5 says that there's more junk back there that can go, and I need only to figure out what it is. Then, stuff can go on the shelves at the back of the garage, and other stuff can be stowed in reasonable fashion.

All it takes is effort. It will not happen today.

* * *

Like many people my age, I am very familiar with most of the Rolling Stones' more popular tunes.

Thanks to Microsoft's unfortunate choice of "Start Me Up", for the Windows 95 rollout, when I hit a button to start something the opening chords of that song go through my head. It doesn't matter what it is, either. Yesterday, at the storage locker place, I hit a big green "OPEN" button to raise the vehicle door at the place--yeah.

But the most common occurrence of this idiocy is when I start the timer on the stove. It happens nearly every damned time because that button is actually labeled "Start".

Today it happened after I put a frozen pizza in the oven, and I recalled all this, how "Start Me Up" was used at the Windows 95 rollout...and then I realized just how apt that song is for Windows 95, up to and including the "you make a grown man cry" refrain.

It really did.

* * *

Speaking of making grown men cry, Windows Vista is no longer supported. Vista sucked at first, when nothing worked, but once existing software got patched it was just another Windows. There was nothing particularly bad about it, but nothing particularly good, either.

* * *

Twenty degrees cooler today than yesterday. I was outside in shorts pressure-washing Dad's house and not minding backblast from the pressure washer; for the entire time I was doing that job, and for at least an hour afterwards, I was continuously moistened. I was lucky that it was warm enough that that wasn't a problem.

* * *

I hate going to Jewel.

I hate going there, because it's almost universally a long friggin' wait. Today I had to pick up an RX for Mrs. Fungus, and I waited in line for twenty minutes for that. Then went to a cash register to pay for the other stuff I was there to get, and waited an additional ten minutes for that.

Union shop. Why else?

* * *

The "let's get rid of the electronics" saga continues. I loaded up the truck with the junk I want to be rid of, then checked the web site to get the address. Turns out they only open twice a month. Argh. in New Lenox open tomorrow evening for two hours. That'll do.

I noticed this while looking up addresses and times:

"As of March 1, 2016 all sites were closed due to our contractor canceling our contract early."

Gee, you think that might be because Illinois is broke and can't pay its fucking bills?

Sure, make it illegal to toss e-junk, and then fuck things up badly enough that it's almost impossible to get rid of it legally. Will County is a shithole. Illinois is a shithole.

Thanks, Democrats!

* * *

I like to watch fail videos on YouTube. I find it much more entertaining than any sitcom on TV (in that I do occasionally get a laugh out of the fail vids). But such videos usually include things which are not actually fails.

The instance which prompted this comment: guy is at an indoor skate park with a scooter. He goes down one ramp, up another, does some kind of maneuver in midair, and then lands in the foam landing pit on the other side of the ramp. If there had been a solid surface there, he would have landed on the scooter properly; as it was, he came down on the scooter with its wheels down on a big foam pad.

How is that "fail"? It looks as if he did exactly what he intended to do.

I see plenty of examples of this, things where--as far as I can tell--the person accomplished exactly what he'd intended to. The result wasn't a perfectly-executed stunt, but the intent wasn't do to that in the first place. And because it looks as if the intent was to do exactly what happened, it's not funny.

Now, you show me a guy trying to jump a bike into water, only when the guy hits the ramp it just disintegrates--that is funny; but the guy who hits a ramp on a bike and bellyflops into the water successfully is not failing, and it's not particularly funny.

Also, when I see some woman get on the stripper pole in her home, regardless of what else happens it's automatically fail because stripper pole in home.

"First world problems", I know. Oh well.

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