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#5539: The ignorance on display is astounding.

MOAB is a fuel-air explosive, meaning it's not nuclear. This little fact seems to have escaped USA Today, which is desperately trying to make it sound like the US nuked Afghanistan.

Except the MOAB is 0.001 times as powerful as a one-stage nuclear weapon. So it has a typical yield of 11 tons of TNT, where the Hiroshima weapon had a yield of about 15 kilotons.

They yanked that nonsense after being called on it, but really--five seconds with Google could have prevented that idiocy. And of course the corrected version of the image is nonsensical: okay, so the MOAB is bigger than the Hiroshima bomb. And?? is trying to say the one bomb cost $300 million, of course. Another useless extrusion gives the correct figure for the munition ($16 million) and says that was $440,000 per terrorist. So far so good, but then he asks why we couldn't have paid the dead terrorists less than $440,000 each just to promise they would quit being terrorists. That's so fatuous I don't even feel the need to rebut it.

But of course the lefties are going full retard on this horseshit. Guy is upset because the MOAB is desgined to inflict maximum casualties. You know, like every other piece of ordinance ever designed in history. Okay, bow and arrow is designed to inflict maximum casualties. Get it? It's not there to scare things into submission, but to puncture them so they die.

As the post points out:
This tweet is packed so full of concentrated stupid, it's like one of those "what's wrong with this picture?" drawings. It's a lot more challenging to find something in this tweet that *isn't* stupid.
Well, it's all they've got. Pity them, but for crying out loud don't listen to them, because that will make you stupid.

* * *

Can't we just pay Venus $3.6 million to tell us about itself? $3.6 million for 10 small satellites is pretty good. What's it cost to get them to Venus, though? The article doesn't say.

* * *

I saw the ad and didn't understand why it was termed "offensive". Stupid, a waste of time, chock-full of hipster douchebaggery--sure, it's a dumb ad, but it's not offensive.

Apparently it's--oh, gee, what a friggin' surprise this is--a bunch of SJWs and other communists who don't like it.

I have no idea why. Girl with transsexual father offers Pepsi to stern-looking police officers, who then lighten up because Pepsi tastes good. WTF, it's fizzy sugar water! Who cares?

* * *

Dinner last night was a deep-dish pizza from Chicago Dough Company. That was a good freakin' pizza. And they have these cheese sticks--essentially a deep-dish crust with a crapton of cheese on it. They're also delicious.

Well--real cheese makes the difference, damn it, and the other ingredients also aren't hyper-processed fast-food gunk. (Like the cheesy breadsticks from Dominos, for example.)

The deep-dish had so much cheese on it, I had one slice and that filled me up. (With three of the cheese sticks.)

Leftovers this morning were delicious, too.

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