atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5540: What a lovely day.

I got up at 6:15 so I could be at Dad's house by 8:00, so Stanley Steemer could re-clean the carpets.

It seems there was an odor present after they cleaned them, reported the realtor, and so on Friday I got to hie myself up there to jam plug-in air fresheners into a couple of sockets and to mop the entryway, which the realtor said was "dirty". (She was right.)

Two hours of driving for a 15-minute job. *sigh* But when I opened the front door, sure enough, it was not a good smell.

That smell was gone, damn it, and the house merely smelled like it needed airing out; I think the first time the Steemer guys came out, their work inadvertently reactivated the stink. Especially since the house was closed up and no air was moving.

Today they re-cleaned the rugs and hit them with the anti-stink stuff, so we'll see how that goes. Plus side, there's plenty of interest in the house; there've been about half a dozen showings or so since Friday morning. Well: it's in a fantastic location, being about a 5-minute drive from the Illinois 355 tollway, and in a very nice neighborhood. Its biggest deficit is that the decor is dated; the roof, windows, and HVAC systems are basically new. There are a few issues that need correcting, but none is (or should be) beyond the capacity of a reasonably handy owner. (Example: the water softener has begun to leak. My solution to that would simply to be to put a shunt in place of the stupid thing.)

Anyway, we're in the home stretch, here. Except for emergencies like yesterday and today, my involvement with getting the place sold should be tapering off. It's all up to the market, now.

But today is, so far, simply gorgeous, the only thing marring it being the high winds. I'm not going anywhere anyway, so to heck with it.

* * *

So, you can now get a 100 petabyte external drive. It's housed in a semi trailer. Actually this is something for large corporations who wish to upload their massive databases into the cloud. Still, that kind of gives a nice upper limit on data storage, doesn't it?

* * *

Hey, if you're looking for a slave, look no farther than Libya! The islamic shitheads in charge there have you covered!

The best thing the US can do is simply stay out of those islamic shitholes. Cripes.

* * *

EPA is a government agency, which means it never hesitates to waste money. Personnel already have access to a gym, but why not buy them memberships at another gym? It's not their money they're spending!

* * *

Guess what I need to do in the next few days? Cut the grass. Welcome to spring.

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