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#553: News again

Sean Penn, notorious anti-American, lover of dictators, communist sympathizer, and cigarette addict, has taken the cake this time. He gives a press conference about some movie he's directed, and he can't take the pressure.

Luckily for him, the press expects Hollywood people to be vain, vapid, and incapable of self-control. Can you imagine how the press would react if a Republican reacted like that at a press conference?

Sean: it's called nicotine gum. You might find it helpful.


This just in: this article discusses the ways in which anonymous and promiscuous gay sex is bad for you. The article mentions the fact that we are not supposed to talk about the destructiveness of the "gay lifestyle".



This article takes me back to the gay '90s the Clinton '90s, back when we had a President who CARED about us. (That is, when he was on the campaign trail, and wasn't sticking cigars and other body parts into the various orofices of a certain well-known White House intern.)

Anybody who thinks the press is unbiased should have had his mind changed for him by the way things were covered in the Clinton years. White House counsel is found dead in a park, of apparent suicide, but the only suicide note they can find is missing the signature. The First Lady just loses subpoenaed documents. (This is after she--a complete novice at commodity trading--somehow manages to make $100,000 on the commodities market.) A woman comes forward and says the President raped her when he was governor of Arkansas. President gets impeached, then decides that there's Got To Be A War.

Press: Ho, hum; wake us when there's some news.

Now we're hearing that people who are writing books critical of the Clintons are being terrorized and burglarized by people who aren't even trying to make the burglaries look like anything but attempts to get ahold of the books before they're published.

And one of them is the woman who accused Clinton of raping her.


In a similar vein, why is it that only conservative commentators even notice Al Gore's eco-hypocrisy?

Oh, right, that "un-biased press" thing.

Press: Ho, hum; wake us when there's a story. Preferably one about a Republican being gay.

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