atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5543: Saw Rogue One, liked it

I'm kind of sad that there aren't plans to make more films like that one. I really enjoyed it.

The nicest thing about Rogue One was the cameos of characters from the first movie; we see how the stage is set for the events in A New Hope. The portrayal of Darth Vader in particular was epic and it's a shame Star Wars never managed that level of menace.

There were two CGI characters in the movie: Grand Moff Tarkin, and Leia Organa. The CGI was...well, "state of the art", I suppose, but it flirted with the uncanny valley, esp. Princess Leia. Luckily her CGI face was only on-screen for a few seconds, so I didn't have time to be terrified, and Tarkin's face was passable. But looking at them, compared with the non-CGI actors, rendered the CGI obvious. We clearly have a way to go with this one.

The combat scenes, especially the ones involving air/space combat, were fantastically executed.

I liked Rogue One more than I liked The Force Awakens. My wife had exactly the opposite opinion. Oh well.

* * *

Sunday was Easter, and among other things I finally got rid of the smoker that's been cluttering up the garage for twenty-five years. I don't know where or when (or why) Dad got it, but he never even opened the box; he died in 2007 and I've been shuffling it around that garage for a decade, now. My mother-in-law's boyfriend is a real griller, knows how to make ribs and other things like the pros do. He'd expressed an interest in getting a smoker; now he has one.

What a relief it is to get that thing out of the way.

* * *

Well, what else can I say?

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