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#5545: First, you must FIX the lawn mower.


The Toro Recycler I brought from Dad's house is electric start and has that nifty negative-feedback variable-speed self-propulsion. You hold the handle and walk at your normal pace, and the mower matches it. It's virtually effortless and I cut the entire back yard in about fifteen minutes (the immediate back yard, not the "east 40").

First, however, I had to make it run.

Plenty of juice in the battery; it cranked over fine. Had to jerry-rig the thing so I could test for a spark, and instead of seeing the spark I got to feel it--which was not what I'd intended--but that ruled out everything but fuel supply. Drained tank, put in fresh, still no go.

"Guaranteed to start," it says on the top housing. "No priming! No choke!"

I got the rider started and used it to cut the front grass, then turned my attention to the Toro.

Pulled off air filter and put some gas down carb. Brum, brum, cough sputter. Okay, definitely a fuel problem. Time to clean the carb!

I found, in the float bowl, some kind of little gelatinous thingies. Not sure what they were, but they were in all the ports. Something got into the fuel, but I haven't the faintest idea what. Anyway I cleaned it all with carb cleaner, reassembled; emptied and cleaned the gas tank as well. Tried starting--and had the same problem. Argh. Disassembled, re-cleaned.

Then I bit the bullet and pulled the butterflies out (choke and throttle) and then dunked the carb body into my can of carb cleaner and let it soak. Hosed it out with carb cleaner, then blew it out with compressed air. Ran pipe cleaner through all passages and wire through the ones pipe cleaner wouldn't fit.

Reassembled. Hit the starter button and she started right up. Ran nicely. Put everything back on, and cut the sides and the immediate back yard without difficulty, and without so much as a single twinge from my bad shoulder. Win.

The choke and throttle butterflies are press-fit through plastic shafts. I was able to remove them with pliers and reinstall them the same way. I was certain that removing them would break something, but at that point I had absolutely nothing whatsoever to lose, so I tried it...and it worked, so that's good.

I want to try doing the entirety of the grass on foot with this nifty new (to me) mower, because I need the friggin' exercise, and cutting the grass with a self-propelled mower kills two birds with one stone.

Certainly points up the difference between a basic and a premium lawnmower, though. The Awesome--the Craftsman brand self-propelled mower we got when?--is a capable lawnmower, but this Toro is the tits and I think it's already achieved "cold, dead fingers" status even though I had to fix it before I could use it.

No idea if this thing is still under warranty but I didn't feel like taking it somewhere and waiting for it to be fixed. I don't have the paperwork, regardless.

...and it sure is nice that I can fix something like this myself, without having to take it somewhere.

* * *

We simply do not have very many celebrities like Mr. T.

* * *

There is absolutely no reason this could not become the way to build houses. Simple fact: the way we build houses is stupid, because it takes an enormous amount of time and money to complete the process. If we built cars like that, they'd cost many times their already egregious prices. (In fact, that's how fine cars were built prior to the Depression: you'd buy a chassis from Deusenberg or Packard and have a coachworks put a body on it for you.)

This way, the walls and ceilings (and roof) are constructed in a factory, individually; these panels are assembled on-site. The house is left ready for a facade and roof (shingles or what-have-you) and paint inside.

I'd bet money a Blueprint house is much cheaper than an equivalent house built using traditional methods.

* * *

I have been saying this for years.
No matter how bad Antifa and their ilk act, the Right always gets blamed for the violence. So--if we're gonna get blamed anyway, let's at least play on an equal playing field with these Antifa assholes.
If the left wants a war, lets give them a war and demonstrate to them that no, they really don't want a war. The lefties think they're real badasses because they are confusing forebearance for weakness. They don't understand, yet, that just because the right has allowed them to get away with their horseshit for decades does not mean that the right can't stop them if it becomes motivated enough.

I saw, on Facebook, a short video which showed an "antifa" woman attacking a man, and getting her shit handed to her. Can't find it now, of course.

* * *

Anyway, tomorrow's errands and chores are already stacking up. *sigh*

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