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#5546: It's a custom, not a suicide pact.

"What's remarkable is that there are still women and white knights who are shocked that men no longer allow women to physically attack them with impunity."

Our society, once upon a time, had rules. One such rule was "a man never hits a lady". Like most such rules there was a practical reason behind it: men are much stronger, physically, than women are, and a weak man can throw a more effective punch than a strong woman can. Conversely, a weak man can take a punch better than a strong woman can.

This rule was often broken, but generally the person breaking it (once discovered) was usually punished by society, one way or another. Some women took advantage of that, enjoying being able to bully men who had no recourse. But again, society would generally correct that kind of behavior, sooner or later. By and large, men didn't hit women, and women didn't stir up shit.

Then along came the feminist movement. Now we have a myriad of women who think they can do whatever they want and hide behind that old, patriarchal, phallocentric rule.

Here's that video I couldn't find last night. Note that the woman in question is wearing a glove on her right hand? That's a sap glove, a glove with steel shot sewn into the back and knuckles. It's kind of like brass knuckles but less obvious. It is a weapon which can maim or kill if used effectively enough. Furthermore, she strikes at the man's larynx; if your larynx gets hit hard enough, it fractures, and then you're done breathing unless someone can do an emergency tracheotomy on you right now.

She's there, armed for a fight, then everyone on the left is unhappy when she gets the fight she came for, and loses.


* * *

Maine Democrat says it's funny when white men commit suicide. Then they wonder how Trump got elected President.

* * *

Guy who killed a man on Facebook commits suicide. He's a black guy, so Maine Democrats are uninterested.

* * *

Sure, let's import African refugees by the thousand. What can possibly go wrong? Warning: picture of man eating human leg at that link.

* * *

The line "terror knows no religion" is fatuous horseshit. There's one religion in the modern world which brings with it terrorism and oppression, just one, and it is neither Christianity nor Judaism. It's islam.

* * *

B. Definitely B. I mean, it's not like the camel can swallow the kid, right?

* * *

Tried starting the bike after chores yesterday, but it wouldn't crank. I'll charge the battery today and try again later on.

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