atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5547: Made a little progress

Got both bikes running. I just need to get the plates renewed on mine, and I can ride again.

Cleaned the garage a bit, mainly organizing and sorting--basically just making order out of the chaos left in the wake of getting Dad's house cleaned out. There's a lot more room now, and although the arrangement of equipment is still somewhat haphazard I can make sense out of it, given time. I'm not worried about it.

Burned my shin on Mrs. Fungus' motorcycle; the exhaust was hot after I took it for a quick spin up and down the street. Her bike has a high-end battery in it, and some kind of anti-vibration housing which is a snug fit, so I had to wiggle the battery out to put it on the charger. I left the housing off for the test ride; afterwards I was trying to put the battery in correctly, and zing! *sigh*

Also, put the chains back on the chainsaws I got from Dad's house. One of them is a Worx JawSaw, which is pretty unique. It has a pole saw attachment, but the tool itself is so heavy I can't envision myself using it that way.

Anyway, two chainsaws, chains were off, I put them back on. Tomorrow I'm going to try to hack down the trees growing along the fence in the front yard, if it's not raining.

The smaller chainsaw comes with a pole saw attachment, as well, but no hardware to attach it, so I'll have to suss that out and get the right bolts. Once I get the front yard dealt with, there'll be the birch tree in the back, which is obviously dead and needs to come down. And I want to prune the pear tree. And--

Plus side: all this exercise is good for me.

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