atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5548: Today is Wednesday, and it's raining.

Today was going to be the day I finally got after the excess foliage, but I'm not about to use electric tools in the rain. *sigh*

We had thunderstorms this morning, and the power went off for a minute, but otherwise it's just been cold and wet and no fun all day.

...which makes it a good day to get caught up on stuff inside the house.

* * *

I always wondered about this. How could someone put up a site that looks exactly like a genuine site, but which is not? Punycode!

I've got my browser set to display the correct URL (Pale Moon, which is Mozilla-based like Firefox).

* * *

The best way to be successful is to be the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton. This way, your bachelor's degree will get you $120,000 per year. Then, later, you can be on the board of directors for two companies, which will let you gross over half a million a year before considering the salary you get paid as vice chair for your parents' foundation.

Meanwhile the press, as part of its duty as the propaganda wing of the Democrat party, is doing its damnedest to fluff Chelsea Clinton know, I'm not even sure what? But they sure are trying to make her look like she's anything other than the product of political privilege.

Anyone could be hyper-successful given the kind of boost Chelsea Clinton got just for being her parents' daughter. I mean, imagine the university acceptance board looking over applicants, and seeing her come up; regardless of any other consideration, she's a shoo-in. Consider the discussion at the board meeting whether or not to add her to the board? Could anyone say, "She's got no qualifications, so I vote 'no'"? Without being pilloried?

So when it comes time for Chelsea to run for office (which I expect relatively soon) her lack of achievement will be excused even as Democrats promote her as being an "outsider". Just watch.

Consider that in 2008, Obama's executive experience consisted of him running his campaign, which was perfectly fine. Consider that in 2000, the man who'd spent years running the second-largest state in the union was pitted against a Vice President (who, by definition, does NOTHING executive, but does make the occasional tie-breaking vote in the Senate), and the man with the gubernatorial experience lacked "gravitas".

Democrats don't care about any of that. They don't actually care if the person they front has any executive experience. They'd front Charley McCarthy if they thought he could win, because they care only about what will enable them to win. Chelsea Clinton represents their next avenue there. She's someone with name recognition and ties to the most successful Democrat presidency since LBJ, as she bears the Clinton name. But she's also an "outsider", and since "outsider" status won the Presidency in 2016, that's what they'll focus on next. Trump proved that a non-politician can win the office under the right circumstances; I'd wager Democrats think this means they can do the same with Chelsea. But where it all falls down (for Democrats) is that they have to lie about who they are to win elections. The complicity of the press makes this very easy for them, but the American public no longer trusts the press the way it once did.

I expect Chelsea to run in 2024, unless Trump steps on his dick and is seen as vulnerable in 2020. It depends on a variety of factors. But her candidacy won't be based on anything tangible; no one will be able to point to her "achievements" and say unequivocally that absent the Clinton name, she'd be this successful and this uniquely qualified to be on the ticket.

* * *

Today just feels like a big mass of nothing interesting. *sigh*

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