atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5550: Well, that was neat.

Bike is legal again. Took a run out to the DMV and got the plate taken care of.

Then, I decided now was as good a time as any to hang up the drop light. It's the Cordomatic light I got from Dad's house.

Found some drywall screws, went to work...found that I'd hung it too far from the outlet, so I reconfigured and--hey, let's test this thing before we install it, hm?

It's old, but that doesn't mean it...wait, it doesn't work.

Pulled it apart, found that the socket was bad. Went to Ace and got one, came back, reassembled with new socket--still not lighting. Hey, that place near the base of the handle where the cord's outer cover is split, you don't suppose?

Yep: a wire was broken at that exact spot.

Cut it off, stripped back, put on spade lugs, screwed lugs to socket, plugged in--light!--reassembled. Got it screwed to the garage ceiling and plugged it, and it works a treat.

The deed accomplished, I put tools away, then had a gander at the north wall of the garage. I ended up throwing some shit away. Brought in two boxes, which I'll go through and trim down to the strictly necessary. All else--dump. None of it's newer than 2002 anyway.

And I hauled the vinyl flooring out to the curb. It was new in 2008; it's been sitting in the garage for nine years and that stuff doesn't have a really great shelf life. Og told me in 2011 that it was likely no longer usable, so dumping it in 2017 is warranted.

* * *

Ace had 14w LED bulbs (equivalent to 100w incandescent) at $1.99 each, so I bought a couple. One went into the drop light. Not sure where I'll use the other one, yet. The desk lamp has a 60W equivalent and it's rather bright, so not there. My reading lamp in the family room is already floppy because the 60W equivalent LED bulb is too heavy for it, though it's lighter than the fluorescent bulb it replaced; that lamp was designed for incandescent bulbs, which are the lightest.

Well, it's nice to have a spare, anyway.

* * *

And now, on to the sorting of papers!

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