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#5552: It's Earth Day!

George Carlin's anti-Earth Day rant.
...[E]nvironmentalists don't give a shit about the planet. They don't care about the planet. Not in the abstract they don't. You know what they're interested in? A clean place to live. Their own habitat. They're worried that some day in the future, they might be personally inconvenienced. Narrow, unenlightened self-interest doesn’t impress me.
I differ with Carlin on one point. He says humans will go extinct. Perhaps, someday, homo sapiens will be; but I have faith in my species. We're ornery and scrappy; we'll survive and evolve.

And regardless, Earth will be here, for another five billion years. Until the Sun expands into a red giant. Then Earth might be gone; certainly all life will be wiped out on the planet. But that won't be because of human activity. And you never know: by then, we may know how to refuel stars. Wouldn't that be something? Pull the helium out of the Sun and replace it with hydrogen? Keep it burning for another five or ten billion years?

* * *

Scott Adams via Vox Day, laying down the bitchsmack on "concensus".
Scott nails it here: In my opinion, the conservatives who know the most about science are looking at it from an historical perspective, and they see a pattern here: Complicated prediction models rarely work.
The other issue here is the knowledge that climate models don't account for variations in little things like solar insolation and cloud cover. The Sun is the source of all the heat in Earth's atmosphere, yet the models do not incorporate any mechanism to simulate variations in its output, even though we've known for a very long time that our star is slightly variable.

A climate model with a fixed value for solar insolation is kind of like a driving simulator where you have two speeds: GO and STOP. "I've finally built the most accurate simulation of a Ferrari! It took me years and I have to run it on a supercomputer. If you hit something, the model will take damage exactly as the real one does. Its fuel consumption is accurate to the milliliter. Everything about my simulation is perfectly accurate. Well--except for the velocity. Of course you're always going to drive a FERRARI at top speed!" when the Sun does something your model doesn't account for--say, enter an extended period where its output is lower than the historical average--your model ends up being, well, wrong.

But of course the thing to do is to deride your critics as being stupid. That's easier than fixing the model, after all.

* * *

This is probably the last step before some of them acknowledge the elephant in the room. The ones who have any shred of intellectual honesty will, eventually, call out antifa on what they're doing which is--not to put too fine a point on it--exactly what they accuse their opponents of doing.


Antifa is fascism; nothing more, nothing less. Using violence to squelch the free speech of others is nothing but totalitarianism, exactly the sort of thing Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Castro, et alii, loved.

It is kind of laughable that Berkeley is seen as the center of "free speech".

...but Democrats and the left don't want free speech. That's why you have crapholes like Howard Dean parroting the oft-cited communist notion, "Hate speech is not free speech!" What they want is to stifle anything they claim is hate, while continuing to spout anti-white, anti-man, anti-capitalist, anti-Republican, anti-American hate speech at every last opportunity.

Democrats will say that cheering for a rise in the white male suicide rate is not hate speech but if you were cheering at a rise in black male sucides, you'd be labeled a racist.

The First Amendment guarantees the right to speak regardless of what you're saying. (With the usual exceptions for fighting words etc.) That means that a modern day Adolf Hitler has the right, in America, to stand up and say whatever he wants about Jews and mental defectives and gypsies and-and-and; and no one has the right to stop him, not even hecklers or rioters.

In the Blues Brothers, the Skokie police were there to ensure the Illinois Nazi Party could say its piece.

The fact that speech is noisome trash does not relegate it to second-class status. As disgusting as I find "gay pride" events you will not catch me saying they don't have a right to assemble and demonstrate for their cause. (I'd prefer they employ a greater measure of decorum and dignity than they do, but again--) Antifa and their cohorts don't have a right to attempt to shut down the free speech of others. They have a right to peacefully counter-protest; they have the right to present their opinions the same as anyone else does.

They do not have the right to resort to violence. Violence is not speech. Violence employed to stifle the speech of others is fascism.

Then again, what do you expect of people who think that communism and anarchy are compatible?

* * *

Cultural appropriation is horseshit of the highest order. "Cultural appropriation" is a one-way street; I can be censured for wearing dreadlocks, but black people aren't censured for using computers. Look, computers were invented by white people!

Oh, wait, bad example--computers are racist.

Well, shut my mouth.

* * *

"Murderous Professor Eric Clanton Screams For Help On Reddit" I do like how this is unfolding. The guy clocks someone with a bike lock, thinking that his mask will preserve his anonymity and let him get away with assault with a deadly weapon; when he's tracked down, suddenly he's all pants-wetty and freaking out.
The entire nation is aware of the brutal, unprovoked assault with a deadly weapon by an Antifa terrorist upon an unsuspecting decent citizen exercising his rights to free speech in Berkeley, California.
Sorry, but that's how it is.

Vox Day opines on the issue, as well:
"False proof". That's a good one, by which he means "photo and video evidence of my really good friend, aka me, repeatedly striking people with a bike lock". Never hesitate to identify antifa and SJWs, and to publicize their activities. They greatly fear it because they rely upon being able to operate without their friends, families, and employers knowing what they are doing.
Because what they are doing is illegal.

It's illegal, and they know it. And they are so committed to their cause, they're afraid to go to jail for supporting it in their chosen fashion. They hide their identities so they won't be arrested on charges of "felony rioting" and "aggravated assault".

Like cockroaches, they fear the light.

* * *

Today is sunny and cool. Neighbor is trying to cut his extra-long grass with a push mower; I feel his pain. BTDT. I'm going to go out and cut the grass here, myself, because it needs to be done again already, but I'm going to use the tractor. 17 HP FTW.

Last night I ended up being awake until 6 AM, but I finally got some shooting written in the old novel. I also put in the big reveal I cut earlier, so that's one item to check off my "to do" list for the story.

All told it came to five pages--not a lot for the amount of time spent, but there was a lot of thinking done to get me to that point. And it reads fast, so fast that when I did my post-print proofread I thought, "Wait, is that all?"

In naval surface warfare, carriers don't engage in ship-to-ship combat unless something goes seriously wrong. That paradigm does not quite carry through to space combat. The fighters have had their first go at each other; now the big guns come out. I'm salivating and rubbing my hands at how much fun this is going to be. Fireworks!

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