atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5553: Thanks, Og!

New toy for me: cheap "sports camera", given to me by Og, because he has no need for two and has the hyper-nifty WiFi version that he can watch from his smartphone. I'm going to use it for fun things, including strapping it beneath the hood of the Jeep to find out what the hell is wobbling around at 50 MPH.

It comes with a handlebar mount. Bike video!

...but when I tried it out, the video played too fast and ran out of sync with the audio. I went through all the settings and tried everything I could think of to fix it, but nothing worked. It looked like a movie shot in the 1900s with a hand-cranked camera.

Pulled the SD card out and reformatted it. Pulled the battery from the camera, too. And then I recorded a video that was over 2 minutes long which didn't immediately run out of sync. Good!

It also came with a waterproof housing, good to 100 feet (supposedly) so I'm looking foward to seeing how that works.

Og didn't break the bank on the thing--I seem to recall he paid something like $30 for it--and after I expressed an interest in getting one he offered to let me have it, because (as stated above) he had no need for it. And I can use it for fun things!



Quick-and-dirty bike vid. I mounted it to a turn signal, which vibrates like crazy, so it's not very good quality even after YouTube removed the shakycam effect. Still, it's a start.

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