atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5556: Well, that's better

Got the grass cut, all of it, and then hauled out the chain saw and did some much-needed pruning. There's now a sizable pile down by the driveway, and the next time I have to cut the grass it'll be easier to get the tractor around the house, too.

Most importantly, the damned sumac trees that were growing by the fence are gone. Those things were eyesores, and they've been eyesores for at least a year, and I finally had the time, energy, weather, and daylight to cut them the hell down. How nice it is to look out the computer room window and not see those stupid weed-trees standing there!

Sometime relatively soon I'm going to have to take down the birch tree in the back yard. That'll be an all-day project, though, so it's not happening this week.

Now on to the other chores I have to do today. *sigh*

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