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#5558: Whinybabies

Political reporters are unhappy that they have to work on the night of the White House Correspondents' dinner. WTF, guys? We all know you're just going to make shit up about the rally, so why bother going?

* * *

There's a comment which sums this story up nicely.
So they hate each other but hate Trump more. Seems to tell the whole story, does it not? Haters getting together to do some more hatin'. Rally 'round the hate.
It's all they have, those super-rich old socialists.

I look forward to hearing what comes out of the deathbed reunion of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

Wait--no I don't.

* * *

This really isn't anything to be proud of. Because coal has been replaced with natural gas and "renewables" rather than something that makes sense, like nuclear.

* * *

"I'm doing porn but I'm not going to shave my armpits." Well, there are some guys who like 'em hairy, I guess. But it has a serious connotation of "I don't give a shit about hygiene", which is not surprising from someone who wears dreadlocks.

* * *

Some Women are upset that TSA or Customs open their suitcases, revealing sex toys. Here's one possible answer: don't vacation with them. You know? If you're so friggin' tightly wound that you need to rub one out you could use your hands, you know.


* * *

Bombing the big obvious targets does not always have the effect you expect it to. How Nazis continued to build planes with no factories.

* * *

Here is a really good dissection of what's wrong with today's movies.
What I’m always struck by in the old movies is the maturity of the male leads. Bogart was in his 40’s when he made Casablanca and he looked like it. His character was supposed to be middle-aged. He was an adult. Today, the male leads are cartoons, often literally cartoons. The real flesh and blood male leads are steroidal freaks, who look like float decorations at a gay pride parade. More important, they lack maturity. Instead of playing characters that anchor society, they are emotional wrecks who need saving.
It's not too long and worth reading in its entirety.

* * *

A bit of science fiction about something that seems like science fiction.

The text at that post is a comment from this post which features a computer simulation of both close packing of DNA and the replication of it.

This very process happens literal quintillions of times per day.

* * *

Detroit is so broke they can't even fix the water mains. It's a friggin third-world country.

* * *

I do love Natalie Dee Comics. She's America's favorite cracker!

* * *

Today I had to run up to Lombard to get a thing my wife bought.

On the way there, my GPS ended up taking me on the route I always took to get to work and school in 1990 and 1991. 294 north to Roosevelt Road, west to Finley, etc. A few things stood out.

1) The strip mall where Sears Business Center used to be got a makeover, but Tong's Tiki Hut is still there. I was actually tempted to stop and get lunch.

2) The electronics store is gone. Big surprise, that, considering that Fry's is about five minutes away from there.

3) My friends from school and I had an outing once to a game center; that place is still there.

4) Almost nothing else remains; it's all changed. Celozzi-Ettleson Chevrolet ("Where you always save more money.") is gone and the land now part of a hospital campus.

5) Going up Finley to Butterfield, I had a little twinge when the stoplight for the DeVry campus came up. DeVry moved to Addison in 1993 or so, so it's been at least 23 years since I last made that turn--but there was a vestigal trigger that said, "there's the turn to the campus!" and tried to make me turn there. I made that turn enough times that the reflex is still there, but muted enough that it was a mere twitch.

I resisted the urge to take pictures of me old stompin' grounds. It would have been more convenient if 355 had extended all the way to I-80 when I was going to school there.

But still, it was kind of fun to take the trip.

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