atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#555: "Chicken Head"??!?

On his second comedy album, Denis Leary does a bit about his family getting a dog. And he and his wife leave it up to the kids to come up with a name for the "half poodle, half pomeranian little shit dog" they end up getting.

Their first idea? Chicken Head. "'Chicken Head'?" He asks disgustedly. "No, we are not naming the dog 'Chicken Head'. Maybe if we get a chicken, we can name the chicken 'Chicken Head'. Not the dog!"

That's pretty much my reaction to's childish "General Betray Us" thing. ( see also sorostitutes.) (hee hee hee hee hee....)

I mean, paid the New York Times a lot of money to take out a full-page ad...and what do they do? A childish play-on-words!

Could they not have done any better than that? I mean, is that the level best they could manage? Mangling someone's name? Do they not have people there who are capable of saying, "Okay, yeah, this is really clever and all, but it makes us look like a bunch of fucking schoolkids"?

Because that's what it does. It makes them sound like children in a schoolyard. What's next? Chanting "Craig and a policeman, sitting in a john"?

Holy crap. How can anyone take them seriously when they do crap like this? Forget being offended; this is so stupid it's impossible for me to be offended by it.

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