atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5564: Weather is just crapinous today

It's cold, it's windy, and it's cloudy and dreary. How nice it is not to have to go anywhere today.

* * *

No further work done on the novel so far this week. I find that I'm needing to recharge a bit after pounding out the space war sequence. I know what's being written next; I just need to regain enough energy to do it. I haven't even looked at the manuscript since Tuesday night.

I'm happy with it, which probably means that it's got to go and be rewritten in its entirety, but that'll come later.

* * *

Not a lot else to say today. I spent most of my day asleep; Mrs. Fungus had some beauty treatment thing and didn't get back until 5 PM.

What I did do was watch a couple of YouTube videos on locomotives. The first was something I could have sworn I saw before, but which apparently didn't make much of an impact because I was surprised to learn that the first real steam locomotive was built in 1804. I'd thought the technology was newer than that--1830s or so.

Well, heck, the Newcomen atmospheric engine dates to the late 18th century, and the pressurized steam engine was Watt's development from that foundation. Watt's engines were low-pressure (3 PSI), and the high-pressure steam engine (30 psi) was a further refinement of that.

* * *

Man, I just have no energy at all.

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