atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#556: I am SO making a tee shirt with this image.

Shamelessly stolen from here.

Larry Niven likes to talk about the USS Boondoggle International Space Station in these terms:

"I have a tee shirt with a picture of the space station on it with a caption: 'Ten years and ten billion dollars and all I got was this lousy shirt' and it's years old and wearing out...."

Or something like that.

Jerry Pournelle speaks of NASA "eating the dream".

And never forget the last Saturn V being turned into a freaking lawn ornament:

Now NASA is talking about going back to the moon...before the next decade is out. 2018 is when they say we'll set foot on the moon again, but we've heard a lot of things from NASA in recent years which failed to pan out. They're going to build an all-new booster with less lifting capacity than the Saturn V that will cost more (in terms of real dollars, I mean, not just because the 2007 dollar is worth its weight in 1969 toilet paper).

Hey, NASA: instead of worrying about updating your "slogan" why don't you fly some freaking rockets already. Jesus Christ.

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