atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5565: Well, that was plenty refreshing

Took a trip northward for a few days, spent some time in Delavan and relaxed with Mrs. Fungus. Got up there Tuesday night, left Friday morning.

The room was very nice; Mrs. Fungus decided to get a suite. The shower was the waterfall type we've come to expect from Lake Lawn, with three extra nozzles for extra-amazing-showerness. This room had a big whirlpool tub, too, and a fake fireplace, and reportedly it didn't cost that much more than the regular room. We went swimming three times, and I feel as if I spent more time immersed than dry.

I tried out the action camera in the pool. It's watertight housing is indeed watertight. It even floated!

...but when we got back this afternoon, we were flat busted done and went right to bed for a few hours. Even now I feel pretty well-tenderized.

Well: that was the first time in quite a while that I just set all the horseshit and nonsense aside and relaxed and didn't worry about anything. And when you do that, yeah, your body suddenly says, "Sleep! I remember the concept of rest! It's about time you did, asshole."


* * *

I'm telling you, up in space it raining soup, and you just need a friggin' bucket.

* * *

Look up "vacuum cementing" and STFU.

* * *

Sounds to me as if they're starting from the standpoint that gravity is an emergent property of spacetime. And the result describes a way to make time travel possible.

* * *

I want to read this Correia post on world-building when I have more time and energy.

* * *

See Split. Seriously.

* * *

...took my laptop with me, intending to work on Apocalyptic Visions, but did no work on it whatsoever. Spent my time relaxing. "Just because your work is portable," I told myself Friday morning, "doesn't mean I have to take it with me wherever I go."

Dinner on Thursday night was at this place not far from the resort. They had a motorcycle suspended from the ceiling, and it looked virtually new. I thought it was a Harley, but it might not have been; it was a V-twin cruiser with a black exhaust, and it had its front brake rotor on the right-hand side of the bike.

Anyway, I thought it was a waste of a perfectly good motorcycle. The food at the place was mediocre, too.

* * *

But despite not having to take my work wherever I go, I do take it. I had some ideas while in the pool. One idea will be a scene in AV. Heh.

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