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#5566: The left-wing fantasy makes its annoying return

'Way back in the mists of time, when TV was still mostly broadcast and there were few enough channels that the newspapers could include TV listing books in the Sunday editions, I recall seeing the description for the original Red Dawn. "Right-wing fantasy," it began dismissively.

Well, there is a left-wing fantasy which, of course, is never dismissed, but treated as a serious story, and always to accolades. The Handmaid's Tale was written by Margaret Atwood. It's a dystopia, where a pseudo-Christian dictatorship has arisen from what used to be the United States.

I saw the 1990 movie years ago, and indeed it was about as dreary and miserable as it could be, getting lots of the theology wrong in the process. As is typical of leftists, the Christianity portrayed in the story is a caricature, a straw man that is easily knocked over, which incidentally has nothing to do with reality.

So now Hulu has made a version of it, and of course the leftists all love it to pieces.

Francis Porretto says it best:
I took forteen (smallish-) pages of notes during the currently available three episodes, complete with hour-minute designations, just so I could go back and "perfect" the quotations. Honestly, though, I'm not sure I want to give that much thought to proving how stupid, misguided, and downright inciting-to-hatred-of-Christians this production and its "creatives" are.
"Hatred of Christians" is exactly the takeaway I got from the 1990 movie.

Porretto also makes the point that right now the dystopia presented in this stupid story exists in some parts of the world. There are already countries where women can't do anything without a man's permission, where they must be covered head to toe, where they can't vote or even go to school. Where they're forbidden to be alone with a man they're not married or related to, without risking jail or execution. Places where they may not hold driver's licenses. Where they must do whatever their husbands or fathers say, all the time.

Islamic countries under sharia.

...but the person who does a version of A Handmaid's Tale set under sharia would be pilloried by the same people who love this one. The truth hurts.

* * *

Antifa confusing forbearance with ability. "The police can't stop us!" Dude, the police aren't even trying to stop you. The horseshit you're getting away with in Berkeley is because the police aren't doing anything. Believe me, if the police get serious about stopping your nonsense, it'll stop.

Just ask the asshats arrested in D.C. for "felony rioting" on Jan 20th.

* * *

On cultural appropriation and competition for mates. I was trying to decide whether or not to comment on this, and leaning away from it, when this comment caught my eye:
How did humans get it so backward, that women are competing for men? Other species get it right, with the males competing for us. Id say we have monogamy to thank for that, since we outnumber men, but other species are monogamous and the men still compete for the females.
You can thank feminism for that one.

Actally, as Advice Goddess points out, both men and women compete for mates. It's not one-way.

...but it used to be that when we married for life, and divorce was a very rare exception, there were a lot of things which resulted in a much more stable society. A girl's virtue was extraordinarily valuable, not something to be thrown away on a "hookup". Men would compete for desirable women. The men would ask and the women would decide. There were strong brakes on the female impulse to hypergamy, which was advantageous for them since it often resulted in their securing an overall better quality of mate. These morals kept women and men from behaving in dyscivilizational fashion.

These days, a girl's likely to lose her virginity before she's even old enough to drive. The illegitimacy rate is sky-high. We have the concepts of "baby daddy" and "baby momma" because of it. Government spends an inordinate amount of money supporting single mothers and there's no disincentive to out-of-wedlock births.

So now you have a situation where women ride the carousel for a while, and then decide to settle down after their peak fertility, and find it difficult to find a permanent mate who matches their standards. (It's even more difficult when they have a bastard or four tagging along.) And they complain, "Why is it so hard to find a good man?"

The old way, men competed for women. The new way, women compete for men. Enjoy the fruits of feminism.

* * *

If I can tell your gun is not ready to fire, I'm going to try to take it away from you. Especially if you're standing that close.

That's if I'm not too busy shitting myself, by the way.

...but holy crap, it's obvious the gun's not ready to fire, with the slide locked back. The guy cocked the thing in front of the cashier; when you cock a semiauto pistol and the slide locks back it means IT'S NOT EVEN FUCKING LOADED for fuck's sake.

With that gun to my head, seeing the thing out of battery, I'd like to think my first instinct would be to grab that hand and twist hard, maybe even pulling the arm down and attempting to bend the elbow backwards across the edge of the counter. But if I got that far, the next step would be for me to jump over the counter and club that bitch in the head with his own damned EMPTY gun until candy came out. Because adrenaline.

...and of course I'd lose my job. The cashier in the video likely followed his corporate training to the hilt. But it would be so worth it.

Interviewer: So, why'd you leave your last job?
Me: Well, this idiot tried to hold the place up, only when he cocked his gun the slide locked back, which meant it wasn't even loaded. I was so insulted I beat him over the head with it until the shift manager pulled me off him.

But it's equally probable that I'd give him the money and go change my underwear. *sigh*

* * *

A joke a friend of mine made in 1988, but still funny: "Make it sew."

* * *

Dang dreary day today. Cold, wet, and windy. Certainly not motorcycle-riding weather. *sigh*

Perfect day for pot roast, though. Chuck roast is $3 a pound at the local store, so I grabbed a nice chunk of beef last night; it's in the cooker now, with onions, carrots, and potatoes.

Now, a friend in Iowa had a complex recipe for pot roast which involved cans of soup and other nonsense. It was good, but it was a production.

This is my wife's recipe: chuck roast in bottom, add carrots, a quartered onion, potatoes, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Let it go for 5-6 hours in the slow cooker. Enjoy.

Easy, and just as tasty as the complicated version. I know which one I prefer.

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