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#5568: Suddenly it was May.

Signed off last post saying I was going to try out Elysium's vanilla WoW server. "That was last August!"

...played for over five hours, got a single character to 10th level.

I was delighted.

See: In WoW (Blizzard's WoW, I mean, not this vanilla WoW) if I were to start a human warrior right now--about 3:15--I'd have the toon to level 10 before dinnertime, and probably be hitting dungeons before the prime-time TV shows start running. This is without using heirlooms or other XP boosts. I've been running Popgunner a lot (gnome hunter) and that toon is closing in on 96th level a few weeks after picking the toon up at 16th. As currently constituted, leveling in WoW is dead easy.

Not so with the original game.

In the original game, 15 levels (which is where you can start doing randoms now) is a quarter of the total level progression. It stopped at 60th level.

I can't say it enough: I am delighted with being able to play this game the way it was originally designed. Skills, talent trees, old quests, everything--even the fact that I can't take on more than three level-appropriate monsters without dying. All of it is much more fun than current WoW is.

And so far it hasn't cost me a dime, though I'll probably donate something to the cause, because I'm really enjoying it.

* * *

I'm guessing he's still not tired of winning.
The most hilarious part is the super-timely and relevant Handmaid's Tale miniseries, a festival of imagined oppression porn designed to give frigid liberal women and their neutered male-identifying partners some much-needed bitter jollies. If you've never dated a college sophomore who got assigned that stupid book in her feminist lit seminar and now can't shut up about it, this over-praised dystopian tome imagines a giant Christian conspiracy to create a gay-killing theocracy where women are slaves who are forced to cover their bodies and who are occasionally genitally mutilated. Sure, that scenario sounds familiar (Radical Islam), but I just can’t place it (Radical Islam). Oh, right--it’s totally Donald Trump’s agenda (Radical Islam).
Heh. Love the sarcasm.

* * *

It's not all whipped cream and cherries, though, living in Trump's America in 2017. We still have the same idiots in Congress to contend with. The same GOP which always rolls over for Democrats and gives them everything they want, claiming it's a strategic withdrawal in order to win the next one.

The next one we never seem to win.

I'm just waiting for Trump to head on over to the Capitol and start bashing heads together. WTF, guys, we won the damned election! Why don't you try governing like we did for a change, instead of pussing out? This is how you got Trump.

* * *

Now the Democrats are trying to rewrite the history of election night, specifically by erasing the temper tantrum.

Allow me to quote my favorite blogger:
Read a story talking about what happened at Hillary's campaign headquarters on election night. Apparently, among other things, a "custom" 150 inch television was ruined when a $950,000 bottle of champagne was thrown into its screen.

Only someone like Hillary Clinton could destroy a million dollars worth of stuff in one temper tantrum. Thank God she didn't win the election. Could you imagine four years of that kind of infantile behavior?

That just stuns me: how is one bottle of fermented grape juice worth a million dollars? Does it contain water from the fountain of youth, enabling the imbiber to remain young? Does it cure all disease for those fortunate enough to sip it? Is it somehow the nectar of the gods themselves? Does it grant mysterious superpowers, enable universal consciousness, restore hair to one's bald pate, or bestow wisdom of the ages? Or is it just a bottle of fizzy wine?

Because if it's the latter, only an UTTER FOOL would pay $950,000 for it.

An utter fool with no fiscal discipline and no appreciation for the value of a dollar, someone who has never had to work for anything. An utter fool who should be nowhere near the levers of power.

Holy shit did we dodge a bullet on 11/8.
The historical record says otherwise, in other words. Hillary threw an epic temper tantrum after losing, and we all know it; this version from "insiders" is merely meant to paper over the tantrum.

* * *

So, guess what today is? It's the 100th anniversary of communist rule!

100,000,000 dead in the 20th century because of communism. That pile of skulls comes from Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, which was a piker in terms of mass murder--about 2 million dead--though it was the highest murder rate per capita as Cambodia had a population of about 7 million at the time. Killing a quarter of your population for political reasons? Why, it must be communism!

Communist China is the big numbers winner, though, with about 60,000,000 people liquidated for having the wrong opinion or daring to be Christian or what-have-you. The Soviet Union only managed about a third that number, and they had longer to do it. Pikers!

Clearly it just hasn't been tried by the right people!

* * *

As long as they act like this, they won't be taken seriously. Most of LGBTWTFBBQ "protest" consists of actions meant to generate maximum "shock value":
The people in the "Twerk March," though, call attention to themselves with the outrageousness of their behavior. These marchers are saying, "We're here, we're queer, and we want to destroy change the society we live in by announcing our proclivities and demanding you call them good." It's a recipe for undermining the foundations of any civilization and eventually causing its fall.
Rather than protest, what most people see instead is a temper tantrum by a child with oppositional defiant disorder: "You don't like this? Well it's in your face and YOU CAN'T MAKE ME STOP!"

These people had better hope that the whole "pendulum" theory of society is wrong, because when that pendulum gathers momentum and really starts swinging the other way--whew.

* * *

It's not a "hunger strike" if you can go eat when you get hungry. "We have people who are not eating in protest!" When one of them gets hungry, he leaves, and is replaced with someone else who hasn't eaten. Yeah.

Evidently these are people who don't know what words mean. And these are Yale graduate students.

"This whole thing is simply indicative of how the left manipulates and mutilates language." No kidding. Holy crap.

But their inability to understand that words have meanings make them extremely susceptible to trolling such that they're now denouncing the "OK" hand sign as a symbol of "white power". Heh.

...except it's a hoax, and SJWs bought it hook, line, and sinker because they're always ready to believe stupid crap like that.

* * *

Now we are seeing the transphobia of female athletes on display! Because these female weightlifters are not happy that they are competing with--and losing to--a man who claims to be a woman.

* * *

I thought Apple "fixed" the Mac OS so it wouldn't run on non-Apple hardware? Of course Mac OS is commercial software, and an OS can be hacked like any other software can.

Personally I don't see why someone would bother, except (of course) that you can build a much more powerful machine than Apple will let you have, and for considerably less money to boot. Apple computers have almost always been overpriced and underpowered. WTF, Steve Jobs insisted that the original Macintosh didn't need more than 128k of RAM, FFS.

* * *

Damn it, it's just rained and rained and rained. I need to get the grass cut. It's not happening today. Tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be cloudy but dry, and if that forecast holds up I might get most of the yard cut Wednesday. But I won't hold my breath.

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