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#5571: Headphones

I wonder if Koss still does that deal where you send them your Koss headphones and $50 or so, and they completely overhaul them for you? I might be willing to do that with my Pro 4/A headphones, vintage 1988. To be honest I'm not sure they actually need it; I haven't used them for years. And I worry about them reversing the left and right channels; for some reason, Koss headphones made after this set were backwards, and if you put the L channel on the L side of your head, you'd get the R channel in that ear, and vice versa. I bought a set of Koss headphones for work, and it didn't matter what I plugged them into--even the Koss boom box, vintage 1994, had the channels backwards with that set.

These days I use earbuds. Skull Candy Ink'd, the same set I've been using since 2009, and they sound great. My eldest niece reported that those earbuds don't last very long, but I'm not sure why that is; this pair is going on eight years and still work fine. Anyway I have that pair, a second pair, and a set of JVC earbuds all flopping around. The second pair and the JVC earbuds normally stay at the computer desk, for those times when headphones are warranted.

Then, beyond that, I have a spare set of Ink'd earbuds, still in their package. And today, while cleaning my old room, I found yet another set of Ink'd earbuds, still in their package.

So, three sets of earbuds, plus two spares. Dang.

...of the three in current use, only one was bought at full price; the other two sets were bought at Best Buy with nifty employee's discount. Even better, the JVC were on clearance. I think I might have as much as $10 in those two pairs, or $30 in the three of them.

And they sound great. As good as, and possibly better than, the Koss Pro 4/A set ever sounded.

I remember when headphones had to be bulky because it was impossible to get good sound otherwise. Now, a tiny thing that'll fit inside your ear canal can generate big bass. That's rare earth magnets for you!

* * *

Pandora has updated their site in such a way that it no longer works with Pale Moon. Argh etc. Anyway, got it working with Brave, so I'll use that. Damn it, if Brave had a bookmarks panel, I'd already be using it. Oh well.

* * *

Besides cleaning house, I've been cleaning up my bookmarks. One by one, clicking a link, and deleting it if it is dead. It's been kind of refreshing.

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