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#5572: 21st Century Man

We're living in a modern world: I checked my e-mail, which is how I'd learned that the gas struts for the Jeep's tailgate had been delivered. Not by looking out the front door or anything crude--no low-tech solutions here!


* * *

Interview scheduled for tomorrow. It's contract work, but it's doing hardware repair on phones and tablets and so on. It's a way back into a technical job. Here's hoping.

Plus side: scheduling the interview means no more job hunting today. I can do other things.

* * *

Comey is unhappy he may have influenced election because he's a Clinton crony. He would have been perfectly happy to "influence" the election if Hillary had won, but she didn't, and that happened at least in part because of Comey's investigation and his attempted exoneration of her. It wasn't the "renewed probe" that did it; that was political theater. It was because he got up in front of the American people and said there would be no indictment.

Believe me--after weeks of news stories about Hillary's private e-mail server (meant to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act, itself illegal) and the classified information on it (another federal felony) there was no way in hell the director of the FBI could get up and say, "Well, we just can't prosecute her..." without pissing off a hell of a lot of people.

Hillary, being a withered harridan, was a less-than-desirable candidate to begin with, but the quite sudden and obvious demonstration that she's supposedly above the law sealed the deal for a lot of people.

Do you remember the "pee party" accusation against Trump? The PR firm that handled that has ties to Russian intelligence. If true, file this one under "progressives/liberals/communists always project."

* * *

They don't hire women because generally speaking women don't have the skills required. That's the long and the short of it; women don't generally take the difficult and useful classes, things like advanced mathematics and engineering courses. These things are complicated and require a lot of persistence to master. Women generally aren't happy studying these kinds of topics; they can do it but usually prefer not to.

Same way they prefer not to take actively dangerous jobs like mining, commercial fishing, and so on.

* * *

So, let's go on to today's big antifa nonsense, shall we?

We're anti-fascist! We want communism! Thus showing how intellectually incoherent these people are, not understanding that fascism and communism are two facets of the same crystal: Marxism. And their goals include many of the tenets of fascism even as they maintain that they are anarchists. Because--this is the capper--communism is impossible without fascism. There must be fascist control of everything ("Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state," per Benito Mussolini, the prototypical fascist) for communism to work. The only real difference between socialism and fascism is in who owns things. In fascism, individuals own them; in socialism, the state does. Consider the difference between the American medical system under Obamacare (fascist) versus the British one (socialist).

Fisking an antifa post-mortem of their disastrous march attempt in Austin. I've removed the antifa extrusion and quoted only the fisking:
So, with a year of observing and learning, you were easily defeated by a hastily organized group. Have fun storming the castle. Not only will you continue to be put in a defensive position, you'll end up in the fetal position begging for mercy. And no, you didn't hold your position, you slinked away with locked arms and eventually asked the police to make us go away so you could leave without pissing your pants in fear.

[antifa pants-wetting redacted]

Yes, your errors were many. Thank you for that, we were highly amused. The police were not there to protect us, they were there to protect you from us because without them, as soon as you stepped out of line, you would have all been crushed immediately. We never attack first but if you keep it up, we may start.
I do expect antifa to step up their game, and it's foolish to expect otherwise, but this guy's taunting is itself an effective tactic against them. Antifa considers themselves rough and dangerous; rubbing their noses in their weakness is a good way to get them angry and off-balance.

Antifa is going to escalate, but if they don't do it exactly right they're going to wish to God they hadn't.

* * *

Shocking!! A survey found that progressives are the least-tolerant of other opinions! Holy shit, who could have seen that coming?

Related: gay assistant principal loses his shit when confronted with anti-abortion protest. Heh. Truth hurts, doesn't it? And now he's on "leave" while it's being investigated.

* * *

Quoting the headline works best here: Bill Nye, the Eugenics Guy. Hitler and Mao welcome you to the party.

* * *

China tells North Korea to knock it off.

North Korea replies, "You're not the boss of me!"

How the hell can NK possibly think they'd win a war against China? It's nothing but posturing, and do I detect a hint of desperation? "Why isn't this working? This always works! It always gets me what I want! It should be working!"

* * *

If you're a liberal and let your politics take over your life, you become nasty, mean, and ugly. I add the qualifier because I've seen plenty of people on the right who at their worst weren't an iota as nasty and ugly as the mildest of liberals.

I do take exception with this:
Colbert was funny when he made his "Daily Show" debut in 1997. It was funny when his news correspondent character slowly morphed into a caricature of a right-wing commentator. It was even funny when continued playing that character for the nine years he hosted his own parody news program on Comedy Central. It was less funny when he remained in character in 2010 when he testified before Congress, but everyone's allowed a mulligan.
No, I've got to correct you on that point: Stephen Colbert was never funny. Not even a little bit. Not even remotely.

Stephan Colbert was only funny to his target audience, the liberals who watched Daily Show for their news from liberal smarm-master Jon Stewart. I mean, this is the best description I can come up with for Colbert's character on Comedy Central:

And that caricature was no more real than the original Archie Bunker, played by Carroll O'Connor in the 1970s.

And considerably less funny.

Another take on the story.

Footnote: I recall reading, in the 1970s, when I was in grade school, one of those "educational" commie-lib publications which are distributed to schools. There was an article in it talking about All In The Family which contained my first introduction to "liberal" and "conservative". The article praised Carroll O'Connor for being such a good actor that he, as a liberal, could play a conservative.

How utterly fatuous. Because liberals are always ready to lose their shit at the slightest contrary word, I've played non-political for decades, at least when I'm around them. Well, it doesn't do to unnecessarily inflame the unstable.

And I do not say "unstable" lightly. The frizzy hair, the weird glasses, the denim--that woman is straight out of the early 1970s feminist movement, and she utterly loses her shit when she hears an opinion not 100% in lockstep with her own. Go figure.

(SJW being told that "consensus" is not a good way to do science. Heh.)

* * *

Vegetable oil is worse for you than saturated fat. Bring back lard! Bring back lard! Fry our french fries and potato chips in lard!

* * *

Cars are too damned expensive and the bubble is starting to pop. You can only sell cars using cheap money to subprime borrowers for so long, guys. Look at the housing bubble that popped in 2009.

* * *

"Cultural appropriation" is bullshit.
If your culture had something that American culture as a whole thinks worthy of acceptance, even if it's changed in important ways (Scandinavian elves, for example, are entirely unlike the Keebler or Santas Workshop elves), then congratulations. Your original culture had something of at least some use or value. And now it's a part of American culture. Upset that it's been "watered down?" Fine. Don’t come here. Stay where worshiping weeds or whatever dumbass practice you're so fond of is still terribly, terribly important.
Exactly. America has (or had, until recently) its own unique culture, spun off from the culture of Great Britain. Its culture is the result of generations of people coming here and bringing things with them, most of which went by the wayside--but it's why I can celebrate the founding of our nation by grilling bratwurst and eating it with saurkraut, snacking on tortilla chips and salsa, and lighting off fireworks from China.

* * *

This is a pretty neat idea. Putting up a network of satellites to provide broadband internet is not a new idea, but SpaceX is probably the first company that could actually do it. They're looking at cost-to-orbit of about $750 a pound, one-sixth of their nearest competitor--and it would make not only broadband internet but telecommunications truly global for the first time ever.

Iridium was supposed to make satellite phones cheap, but that shit's $6 a minute because using legacy launch systems means the satellites are expensive, with the launch costing as much as the hardware itself.

But if it costs ten grand to loft a satellite, instead of a couple million, it makes everything cheaper. The satellites themselves don't have to be as robust, because if one fails you just tell it to deorbit and loft another one. A single launch can pop a half-dozen or so satellites into the requisite orbits.

Satellite internet is the way to do it, not stringing cables all over the countryside. When I still took calls for Verizon I often had to help people who had no other way to get Internet access but satellite or cellular--and while cellular was prohibitively expensive, the cheaper satellite Internet had hideously long latency, over a second between your computer sending a request and the fulfillment of it. (Downloading a file, a full second elapses before the data starts coming in--though it comes in fast once the download starts as long as you're using the right protocol.)

Well, now that Verizon offers unlimited data again, that's not really the case, but certainly cellular Internet is still more expensive than wired. A mesh network of satellites could go a long way towards fixing that.

* * *

Tomorrow will be an early day, I guess. But it's fine.

Took a few minutes out in the middle to install the tailgate struts. Turns out, just the left one was bad--after replacing it, the tailgate stayed open just fine--but I replaced them both anyway. Now you have to push to close it, and it goes up and stays up on its own.

If only I'd done this before I had all that work to do on Dad's house. Oh well. There will be other loads.

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