atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5573: Interview over, taking the day off from everything else

The interview went okay. Let's face it: when you go to a contract agency for the interview, as long as you don't show up naked or dripping the blood and entrails of your victims, the interview will go fine. (Or lurch around spouting racial epithets. You know.) The real test is what comes of them sending my info on to the client, which is where we're at now. The client will decide.

Even so, first actual in-person interview this time around, it's a bit nerve-wracking, and I feel flensed and anxious. I have a feeling the job is the same one I interviewed for already, too, because a lot of the particulars sound the same. Argh etc.

Well, we'll see. I've done what I can do. The rest is in God's hands.

* * *

If they were using anything approximating science, they wouldn't have cut it. Old ep of Bill Nye's show cuts someone saying there are only two sexes, male and female, because biological fact is not politically correct.

* * *

California wants to tax rocket launches. Well, that'll get people to move their rocket businesses out of California!

* * *

Small satellites may have a place to get dedicated launches just like big ones. This will make all satellite launches cheaper.

* * *

Baby goat and adult house cat:


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