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#5575: Avoiding depression

So, after the last post, I went to the garage to "putter". It's one of the ways I avoid getting depressed on cold, damp, dank, dreary days.

"Puttering", in this case, ended up with me cleaning off the top of the parts washer and throwing away a bunch of crap I will never use, things left over from Dad's hunting days, things which were left in the MGB's trunk. The car is gone, as is the hunter ("...home from the hill") so out they went, all but a single bright orange safety vest with a hunting permit still inside. That went into the Jeep's tool kit for my "roadside safety".

In the Jeep I have a largish plastic box which I put things in like my tire repair kit, a 12v compressor, tiedown straps, survival blanket, army surplus trenching tool, tow strap, windshield washer fluid, coolant, spare serpentine belt, some various other tools. It all barely fits in there, but there was enough room to put the safety vest in. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll use it while hunting. Or at least while changing a tire by the road.

* * *

And it only took them a quarter-century! Seems to me that's exactly what Apartheid was meant to prevent: a white genocide in South Africa. Because you see it time and time again all across Africa; as soon as one group of black africans are in charge, what's the first thing they do? Get rid of other tribes. That's why the continent is almost universally a shithole; none of the people living there can take time out from slaughtering each other long enough to do anything useful.

Racist? Probably, but then again the truth doesn't give a shit about people's political sensitivities.

* * *

Republicans passed an Obamacare replacement plan or something, and "Senate To Write Its Own Obamacare Repeal Bill" which means there's going to be further debate about it--but this is a step in the right direction.

* * *

Anyway, dug out the Koss boom box from its entombment atop the parts washer. AM/FM, tape, CD, approximately typical for mid 1990s and I think I paid around $100 at Best Buy for it when I bought it in (yes) the mid-1990s, 1993 or 1994 if I'm not entirely mistaken.

ADDENDUM: Manufacture date was in December of 1994, so it may have been early 1995 that I bought it. END ADDENDUM

It's old, it was not used much after I was fired from Kangaroo Computer Services about this time in 1996, and the last time I used it prior to its ending up in the garage, for this or that reason I couldn't do anything but listen to the radio. The theory had been to listen to music on the thing, while working on cars and whatnot.

In practice, though, it was less than satisfactory. I was almost able to receive one radio station which was almost worth listening to. But it wasn't designed to save radio presets in nonvolatile memory, so any time it loses power you go right back to 87.7 on the FM dial and must manually tune to the desired frequency. Otherwise, the entire radio spectrum devoted to FM was a wash of static. I don't really like listening to the radio anyway ("somebody else's favorites on").

That was eight years ago.

Working on the pile of crap, I found it and dug it out; before tossing it on the recycle pile, I decided I'd bring it inside, take it apart, and see if I could do anything with it.

Test first: CD in (Gerald Albright's Dream Come True which my wife characterizes as pron music) and found that, but for a couple of skips--probably due to 25-year-old grease on the tracking mechanism--the CD player works fine. I do not recall that being the case, but okay.

Cassette: it makes a disconcerting rattling noise, and it plays the tape about half a tone slower than it should, but it's been running continuously through some 4 or 5 Eagles' songs without any trouble whatsoever. I do not recall that being the case, either. (I can probably correct the speed.) In fact, I specifically recall trying to use a cassette adapter in the thing so I could play my MP3 player through it, and that wouldn't work; it would play for maybe 30 or 40 seconds or so, then stop.

(As an experiment, I just ran "Jacob's Ladder", Huey Lewis and the News, from MP3 while playing the same song on the tape. Tape is about half a tone slower, all right, and it sounded kind of funny to listen to them gradually run further and further out of sync.)

Perhaps being in the garage through seven or eight winters has made the difference. I don't know. But the deficiencies this thing has are repairable, which means I'm not going to be getting rid of it just yet. Fair enough.

Maybe even hack an "aux in" jack into the thing. Heh.

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