atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5578: Polls are fallible

Just remember, "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN" and you won't be surprised by this.

The polls that predicted Trump losing, the polls that now say he's unpopular, they're all based on bad sampling. You can make a poll say anything you want it to, just by controlling your sample and slanting the questions the right way. That's how you make propaganda.

The mistake comes from believing your own slanted polls. Ask Hillary how well that worked for her; when she needed hard information telling her how to campaign, she got fluff pieces. Her campaign forgot the map is not the territory.

I don't believe the polls. I didn't believe them last year. The people doing the polling have a political axe to grind. They're not impartial; they have a personal stake in Trump being unpopular and they're letting that desire taint the neutrality of the poll. Exactly as they did last year.

* * *

Related: CNBC has rediscovered U6 as the "true" measure of unemployment. I'm a little surprised that it's taken this long for the media to start that movement. But you see, U3 was reported at 4.4%, and that's impossible with a Republican in the White House.

I don't believe either number is an accurate measure of unemployment in the US: the unemployment numbers are still being "managed" by the BLS and are complete fiction. Electing Trump President didn't change that. But of course the leftist media is going to find every way possible to smear him as bad for the country, and this pivot to claiming U6 is the "more accurate" statistic is both obvious and utterly, tragically predictable.

* * *

Ann Barnhardt is no dummy. Invited to appear on The Daily Show with [Smarmy Liberal], she declined and explained why she declines to appear.
After researching me, do you honestly think that I am so stupid that I don't know that The Daily Show would take every moment of my appearance, including non-air recordings (such as sitting quietly in front of the camera, waiting to go live) and have that edited into full-blown agitprop trying to paint me to your audience of children and contra-educated adults in the most unflattering light possible, no matter how utterly mendacious?
Because that is what they do. They do it at every possible opportunity. They have done it long enough that if you read Heinlein's Tunnel In The Sky, copyright 1955, you see how media types will take ignore reality and present whatever the hell they want in its place.

But if they want to paint Ann Barnhardt as a whackjob, first they have to get her on the program...and the wisest thing to do is simply to deny them that chance.

* * *

So a major designer is selling the Ikea bag in leather for $2,150. Or maybe it's accidental, and the designer simply didn't know about the Ikea bag.

Two thousand dollars for a tote bag is utterly ridiculous.

* * *

Yesterday I was shocked to see a strange light in the sky.

Although it continues to be chilly and breezy, the clouds drifted away, and there was this great big bright light hanging there, casting shadows. I had to think about it for a bit, but then a dim memory surfaced: when the sky is blue, the bright thing hanging in it is the SUN.

Today continues to be severe clear. I have chores that need doing outside, so I should go do them, but my wife has a rare weekend off and she's still in bed and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing here.

Easily remedied.

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