atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5579: Suddenly midnight

Mrs. Fungus was feeling a little ill, so she largely stayed in bed today. Me, after I finally got my butt moving (around 5 PM--we were up until 4AM, living riotously) I went to the store to drop off her RXes, picked up oil change supplies for her car, then came home and changed the oil in her car.

Once done with that, I got the tractor out and cut the back yard (which was finally non-squishy enough to cut) and then had a gander at the treeline again. Out came the chain saw. I cut a branch off the pear tree I meant to cut off last time I pruned; then I took a hunk off the birch tree solely to get the damned grapevine out of it so I could see what was dead.

Answer: there is one branch--not even a big branch--which has foliage on it. The entire rest of the tree is dead. The live branch is not even an inch across at its base. No, the whole thing's got to come down.

Looking it over, though, I have begun to formulate a game plan. One bole of the tree leans into the yard; that one will come down nicely without my doing anything other than cut it. The other one leans towards the wires; that one will need a rope under tension to make sure it goes the way I want it to. Then I have to saw logs into convenient fireplace-sized chunks.

Meanwhile, I found that grapevine has grown all over da Huuuuudge (which is a gigantic forsythia thicket) and I'm going to have to de-thatch it, same way I'll have to de-thatch the bushes in the front yard which also have grapevine growing all over them. I like the sight block that bush represents, which is why I'm not thinking about ways to clearcut the whole tangled mess.

So, hauled branches to the curb and now have a better idea of what to cut and how; also, I can cut more of the back yard using the riding mower without having to bend and lean all over the place. That'll be fine. Cleaned up and put tools away as the sun was beginning to set.

Otherwise? Once done with my chores, I had some food and then joined Mrs. Fungus in bed. Next thing I know, midnight. *sigh*

* * *

Tomorrow's project is to rent a steam cleaner and shampoo Mrs. Fungus' car's interior. If I have any juice left, once that's done, I'll do the Jeep. I'm not optimistic. Heh.

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