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#5585: Well, what a day that was.

Bosco acting lethargic, turns out his blood sugar is still high but vet couldn't find anything wrong with him other than that. We may be increasing his dose again; it's 2 units 2x per day but it may have to be 3 units instead. Anyway, vet ran a fructosamine test which will tell us how his sugar has averaged over the past two weeks, and we're just waiting on the results.

* * *

I've had enough of this horseshit. Deport them all now.

An illegal immigrant student at the University of California, Berkeley, suggested "beating the shit out of white people" Thursday.

Juan Prieto, an English student at UC Berkeley, made the remark on Twitter two days after receiving Berkeley’s Robert J. and Mary Catherine Birgeneau Recognition Award for Service to Undocumented Students.
Do you see that? This waste of space is here illegally, he is doubtless soaking up taxpayer money to attend school here, and he's saying that white people should be beaten until fecally incontinent.

He's a real fuckin' winner, too:
The student describes himself as queer, "undocumxnted," and a "pessimistic hoe" on his Twitter profile. "I’m an atheist because heaven has a border, and fuck borders," his profile reads.
All that is progressive/liberal/communist horseshit, faithfully regurgitated.

Ship this asshat criminal alien back to the shithole he came from. We don't need him, and coddling him is bad for us.

Hey, Democrats: this is how you got Trump.

* * *

Another criminal alien is released and not deported because "fuck borders".

Hey, Democrats: this is how you got Trump.

* * *

So, Cassius Clay was a racist and a black supremecist. No need to respect Muhammad Ali any longer, eh?

* * *

SOmeone tell me what the hell is an armor-piercing rifle.

Here's the thing: bullet-proof vests can't stop everything. They don't turn you into Superman; they merely entangle bullets striking them in a web of high-strength fibers, slowing the bullet and spreading its energy over a wider area so that it doesn't penetrate the skin.

But like anything, it has its limits. Above a certain energy, it just stops mattering whether you're wearing a vest or not; and the best kevlar vest on the market won't be able to stop a high-velocity jacketed slug fired from a rifle.

There's always a big to-do about "cop-killer" bullets, bullets tipped or lubricated with teflon--but you don't need that if you're shooting with a .30-06 or the like. The only thing preventing this is that they're unwieldy; an AK-47 or an AR-15 is not something you can put in a jacket pocket.

But again, what Chicago has is a gang problem:
Meanwhile, prosecutors said Monday that a reputed gang member sprayed a police van with more than two dozen rounds from an assault rifle after mistaking the vehicle and plainclothes officers inside for rival gang members.

Guglielmi said the incident in which two officers were shot while sitting in a car does not appear to be connected to the bloody gang feud that erupted Sunday. Combined, however, they are the latest examples of what they have seen as a greater willingness of arm themselves with weapons most associated with soldiers in battle.
"Gang member" "Rival gang members."

The gangs are the problem.

* * *

Venezuela, AKA "Yet Another Socialism Success Story", continues its slide into the shithole of history. Now military personnel are joining anti-government marches.

* * *

Well, here we go! Now we are seeing the earliest rumbles of the age-old Climatology Oscillation taking place; now human activity is causing global cooling again, which is where we were in 1977.

The next little ice age, we are told, will be due to climate change and reduced solar output. The exact quote is, "Experts told Daily Star Online planet Earth is on course for a 'Little Age Ice' within the next three years thanks to a cocktail of climate change and low solar activity." A "cocktail of climate change and low solar activity".

So, let me make sure I understand this: the Earth's climate will change because of climate change? Is that what you're saying?

No: the Earth's climate is changing because solar activity is declining, and the fact that the global temperature anomaly has remained constant for most of two decades indicates that the brief warming period that started early in the 20th century has, in fact, ended.

Incidentally, that same global temperature anomaly dropped by 0.6 degrees in 2016. Stick that in your global warming, and choke on it.

* * *

I'm glad I got those two apps in early this morning, because otherwise my total job hunt activity for today would be ZERO. Take cat to vet; attempt to pay vet and find I don't have enough money in my account (payday is Friday), so pay them what I can and then take cat home and go to bank, intending to move money from savings and get change counted. Well, change machine down, but money moved from savings--no, I can't do it on-line, and I don't know why--and vet is paid in full. Shit.

Then I'm shocked and surprised it's after 5 PM already. *sigh*

Cat's currently not interested in eating, but vet says there's nothing really wrong with him other than his blood sugar still being too high, which makes animal lethargic and, duh, uninterested in eating.

*sigh* Well, just keep an eye on him and make sure he's okay; that's really all we can do.

* * *

So, my wife--every once in a while--will buy me some sour candy, because she knows I like it. Last night she bought me a bag of Sour Patch Kids. So far I've eaten perhaps a dozen pieces, and I realized, "Wait, where the hell is the 'sour' part?" Because all I'm tasting is a brief "zing" of sourness before it's overwhelmed with sweetness. How can you screw up being sour when "sour" is part of the title of the candy?

It's not her fault; she intended to buy me sour candy because she knows I like it. The Sour Patch Kids are the problem! They are failing to deliver on their end of the deal. WTF, can you trust millennials to do anything?

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