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#5586: Well, how interesting.

So, with everything else accomplished this evening, I went to work on the motorcycle, intending to pull off the generator cover and get a gander at everything.

I'm pleased to say that disassembly went very well. If you can convert your bike from (stupid!) philips/posidrive screws to internal hex bolts, do it. Og did that conversion on this one long before I bought it from him, and I'm glad he did.

Got the cover off, then checked the stator again--and this time I didn't just look for continuity, but checked the actual resistance of the coils, having watched a video on diagnosing charging problems with motorcycles which featured a GS 450. And guess what I found?

Nominal resistance is 0.5-2 ohms. One coil was way the hell outside that limit, well over 20 ohms, which is already an order of magnitude too high. Another coil acts like a capacitor: the resistance starts low and climbs to "open". I thought it was doing that because my probes are a bit too short to reach inside the bullet connector sleeves, and were slipping off the contacts, but no, it was real. I'd expect to see a coil start high and go low; that's physics. So it's obvious there is a big problem with that stator, and that's why I'm getting a tenth of the voltage I should be getting from it.

Tested my spare stator, and all three coils are nominal. I'll want to make sure it's not shorted to ground, but as long as it's not, we're good to go there.

I had just finished loosening the screws for the cable stays when Mrs. Fungus got home. I'll return to my work tomorrow; I couldn't ride the bike this evening, anyway, because with the generator cover off the crankcase is open and draining, so I'll need to get more 10-w40 oil before I can run the bike. Tomorrow I'll replace the stator and button her back up, refill with oil, and then give her a try and see how we're doing. I'm confident this'll fix the problem, though, and hopefully I won't have to replace the flywheel.

I'm also going to see if I can't get a box of crimp-on male bullet connectors, so next time I need to test something like this I won't have to screw around with too-short probes. Just crimp a connector onto some scrap wire and test at the end of it.

* * *

So, Trump fired James "I let Hillary go!" Comey, and the Democrats are all up in arms over it.

Many Democrats were, just a few months ago, insisting that Comey needed to be fired because he reopened the investigation into the Hillary e-mail thing. They wanted Obama to fire him; now that Trump has fired him, they're talking about impeaching him over it.

This display of Democrat hypocrisy is typical. It reminds me: does the name "William Sessions" mean anything to you? He was FBI director until Bill Clinton fired him in 1993. Nobody talking about investigating Trump for firing Comey talked about investigating Clinton for that. Back then it was Clinton being President. Now, it's "Nixonian". Got to love how you can always count on leftists to be hypocrites.

I mean, you can ALWAYS count on them to be hypocrites. It doesn't matter who they are, or what organization they're from; they will ALWAYS be hypocritical.

There, an ACLU lawyer admits that if Hillary Clinton had signed the exact same executive order Trump signed, the ACLU wouldn't be fighting it.

There is a reason I dubbed them, in 1983, the "American Communist Liberals Union". It was barely an exaggeration then; it is simple fact now.

* * *

The mayor of Seattle wants to tax diet soda in order to combat "institutionalized racism".

* * *

Meanwhile, here in the Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan, everything continues to slide into the shitter. Several times in the past couple of weeks I've heard idiots saying "Well, we have a Republican governor." Today I was at the bank when I heard a bank employee say it; I thought of turning around and saying, "Yeah, but Mike Madigan is still in charge, and he's a Democrat." But I'm so used to liberal shitheads and their spew that I chuckled at the mental image of his head exploding, and that was enough.

Simple fact is, nothing happens in this state without Mike Madigan's say-so, and it's been that way for a very long time. Until Daley retired, Madigan and Daley ran the whole friggin' state, lock, stock, and barrel. I don't know who took Daley's place--perhaps Daley still runs things--but Madigan is certainly still in charge.

Illinois may have a Republican governor. It's had Republican governors before. But the state is not run according to Republican principles, and has not been for an extremely long time. That's why Illinois was the last state in the union to legalize concealed carry, and at that it had to be forced into it by the Supreme Court. (And even then it tried to get around it!)

Illinois is heading into the shitter at Mach 9 because it is, and always has been, run by Democrats. It's why the state is broke, it's why there's no funding for anything, it's why the state has lost population continuously for over a decade. Bruce Rauner is not the cause of any of this, and if he were a Democrat the idiots blaming the state's woes on him would instead have to blame Trump.

Fact is, though, that this is not a new situation. I remember, in 2011, going to my state-mandated meeting with a social worker at the Will County health department, and being told that there was no funding to help me with getting therapy. The state is broke, and it's been broke for most of a decade at least (and longer, actually). Pat Quinn, Democrat, was governor at the time. That's the guy who presided over the largest tax increase in state history, yet Illinois is still broke, because if there's one thing Democrats know how to do, it's tax and spend, spend, spend.

* * *

So many chores left....

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