atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5587: I don't give a rip whether you mind or not, anus.

"I don't mind you reading it," an SJW named Ryan says to a reviewer of Vox Day's book SJWs Always Lie.

If anyone said to me, "I don't mind you reading that," I'd thank him and ask (sarcastically) if please Daddy's would let me watch Fox News now that that mean Bill O'Reilly is gone? By way of telling the prick that I don't need his permission to read anything, and if he doesn't like what I'm reading his options approximate 1) like it or 2) lump it.

Holy shit, how full of yourself can someone be?

* * *

Just let it go, Democrats. It's a dry hole. Look: Obama's former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said under oath there's no evidence that Trump colluded with Russians.

Of course, when it's a Republican, the seriousness of the charge--absent any proof whatsoever--demands long and continuous investigation.

When it's a Democrat--ahh, hell, you know.

* * *

Murderous thug Ernesto "Che" Guevara said, "Mexicans are mostly a rabble of illiterate indians." Just remember, Guevara is lionized by the useful idiots, but he was nothing more than a thug. If he hadn't been a communist, if he'd executed people for a different dictator, he'd be derided as the criminal and bloodthirsty lunatic that he was.

* * *

I'm still shaking my head over that service manual. The only thing I can conclude is that the "pocket tester" tool--the Suzuki-specific one--has its leads reversed such that it will provide the readings given in the manual when checking the rectifier. The only other possibility I can see is that whoever translated the thing from Japanese got confused as to which one was negated (eg "no continuity") and which was not.

On the plus side, I know enough about electronics that I was able to figure out the correct answer from the schematic.

We'll see if I have any time today for working on the bike. Cat needs vet to look at him again--still not eating--and on top of that I didn't get all that much sleep last night. Well, it's not like I have to go put in nine hours in the coal mine; it's a trip to the vet, and then a trip to the store. I should be okay.

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