atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5588: Well, that was a hard day.

Bosco didn't make it. It turned out that he had some kind of tumor, right in the liver/pancreas/gall bladder area, and that's why he was diabetic and insulin-resistant. My wife had a long conversation with the vet and made the decision--she raised him from a kitten--and all I could do was support her, but she made the right choice, hard as it was. The alternative was surgery and force-feeding and a whole bunch of stuff that would only prolong his suffering and never lead to a decent quality of life for him. They had to put him on an insulin drip to get his blood sugar under something approximating control, and it still never went down to normal range, and he was ketonic, and had a urinary tract infection, and was refusing to eat anything, and the discovery of the tumor--well, we did everything we could for him.

So last night and today we're both very sad. Kipling's poem about dogs applies to cats, too.

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