atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5593: Well, I'm not going to be pruning THAT bush for a while.

Cut the grass, and then went to do a little post-grass-cutting pruning of the foliage. What I've tried to do is, every time I cut the grass, get the pruning tools out and hack down some more excess greenery. Actually, it's not greenery but dead wood I'm getting rid of, but there are some branches with green on them that I am eliminating because they're in the way, or they're unsightly.

Originally I was going to work on the deadwood in the bushes on the south side of the patio. That plan lasted until I saw this: which point I decided no, pruning that part of the yard can wait.

That one in the middle stuck his head up as soon as I came over to take the picture. The other two were more circumspect. Anyway, I didn't know what kind of birds they were until I went out to get my tools, and I saw a male robin flying away from the nest--so those are robin chicks, cute as buttons, and all I did was take their picture. I'm not touching them, I'm not feeding them, because I know nothing about wild birds--or birds in general, really--and I don't want to interfere with nature. Nature has been growing birds a lot longer than I've been around; they don't need my help--and anything I did would be just as likely to hurt them. So, hands off. But I've never been that close to healthy baby birds in the wild, and that's pretty damned cool, right there.

Moved around to the front yard, instead, and did some more work out there. I'm going to have to fix that damned fence, or tear it out, because at least one of the boards needs to be replaced. A quart of Kilz ain't gonna do it any more. It's pretty simple construction; the rails are 1x8, 7'9" long (approximately, I have "eight feet" in my head as that's the nearest size I could buy dimensional lumber in).

Other option: pull it out and replace with plastic ("fiber") fencing. Or yank it entirely and leave the post light as a lone solon, a beacon in the night.

But I did chop down a moderate amount of excess foliage, including getting the dead honeysuckle bush out from by the post light (hence my observation regarding the fence) and managed to get that done with a minimum of scratches to my legs from various weeds, including the damned blackberry canes, which I hate.

I have to rake the bushes again. We have an excess of grape vines; those have got to go. I need to trim those bushes, too, and make them look like something reasonable. I got two hedge trimmers from Dad's house, so I ought to be able to do something to neaten those things up.

I need to take the birch tree down, in the back yard, and there's a tree by the driveway which--mid-May!--has no foliage on it; that's dead, and it needs to come down, too. I think that one's walnut, but it's dead.

The birch and walnut trees will make a nice pile of firewood, anyway. It's an ill wind that blows no one good.

It's all going to take effort, and today was not the day for that. My wife observed that I've had a very exhausting week; well, we certainly have, she and I both, and it's been harder on her than me. I slept until 2:30 PM today, for fuck's sake, and tomorrow I intend to let her sleep just as late as she wants to. I'm taking her car over to Pep Boy's for new tires and an alignment--when I was changing her oil last I noticed one tire was down to the wear bars--and otherwise we're doing nothing tomorrow and liking it.

Motorcycle is still hors de combat, as the battery sits on the front porch on the charger, which claims it to be fully charged. I don't doubt it. But I don't have the energy to putz with it tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will, after the car's done; but I simply haven't the foggiest idea why the damned thing won't charge. More diagnosis is warranted, but I don't have the energy for that right now.

Have to get the battery tested, I suppose. I wonder if Walmart can look up the receipt for it? It's only a year old--but I bet it's already out of warranty, because motorsport batteries don't come with long ones.

As for the rest of it, Mrs. Fungus has requested sloppy joes for dinner tonight, so I suppose I'd better get crackin'.

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