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#5596: Dang, was that supposed to be difficult?

So: last week, before all the emergencies hit, you may recall I managed to get two apps done around 2:30 AM. With everything that happened, that was the sum total of the job hunting I managed last week.

Today, I took an online assessment for one of them. It's an exciting opportunity: doing maintenance and repair for Pepsi in one of their bottling plants. Pay and benefits are pretty good, and of course diet Pepsi is 99% of what I drink--drinking soda is my vice--and it's not too far from home, so the commute would be not-bad, too.

First half was the usual "rate the following" things, you know: "You enjoy sitting on a park bench, eyeing little girls with bad intent. Strongly disagree, disagree, neither agree nor disagree, agree, strongly agree." (Bonus Jethro Tull reference! I never do those. Oh well.)

Second half was technical. There were three questions that I went to Googe for; the first was about steam traps, the second about hold contacts (PLC stuff), the third about sprocket ratios. Everything else was just stuff I knew, easy stuff. I suppose the harder tests will come later and they're just trying to screen out the yahoos who don't know what an oil filter does. I mean, sure, not everyone knows what a rotary encoder is for, particularly when applied to a servomotor, but again this is all stuff I know just from my technical training and satisfying the itch of curiosity.

If that's hard, we're all screwed.

* * *

Cancelled after two issues because boring SJW shit is boring. So I look at the article Vox Day references there, and see this fatuous crap:
Stories like Black Panther & The Crew deserve to be told not just because they're socially relevant, but because they demonstrate how comics as a medium can bring people from all walks of life into important conversations they might not otherwise participate in. However, simply creating these comics is not enough. If Marvel (and other publishers) really believe in the messages of diversity and inclusion that it proudly preaches, then it's got to get better about actually supporting these endeavors once they go to print.
I think we need to take a step back and get a look at why Marvel Comics, as a corporation, actually exists. It is possible some people may be surprised by this.
Marvel Comics exists to make a profit selling comic books.
Okay? That's the bottom line. They're not there to make art for the ages. They're not there to "bring people into important conversations". They're not there to support diversity and inclusion. The bottom line is that they are there to make money selling comic books.

The idea that media companies exist for any other reason than to earn a profit is the logical extension of the SJW belief that everything must be subordinated to their leftist politics, and that there is no legitimate profit to be had unless it furthers their agenda.

So let's move on to AoSHQ's take on this.
As Heat Street notes, Social Justice Warriors scream about getting their political religion into popular culture venues, but then don't bother buying the stuff. See, they already have the political religion and don't need further homilies; the homilies are for you, the unenlightened masses.
And thus we come to the crux of the matter: the stories are boring. No one cares.

See, that's the big problem; when you start injecting SJW horseshit--or you make a series about nothing but--it crowds out everything else. It stops being an entertaining story and starts being a polemic, a one-note morality play. That gets old really fast; no one is willing to pay $3-4 to be told they're a racist homophobe bigot over and over and over again.

People buy comic books to read exciting and interesting stories. "You're a racist! Society is racist! You need to check your white privilege!" is neither exciting nor interesting; in fact, it's the opposite. The stories are boring. No one cares.

It's not Marvel's job to support SJW causes. If SJWs want their viewpoints discussed, if they want for-profit companies to "support diversity and inclusion" they need to put their money where their mouths are and buy the products.

But SJWs are a minority which shouts much louder than its size would suggest; even if they were to put their money where their mouths are--which they won't, as mentioned above--it would not compensate Marvel for the loss of business due to the crap stories. If I can sell 500 comic books to the SJW crowd but 1,000 to the regular fan base, guess which way I'm going to go?

* * *

Another take on Last Man Standing's cancellation. What made me link and comment here was a tweet from some optimist asking Netflix to pick up the series.

Yeah, right. There's a big difference between carrying episodes of a series already produced, and actively producing more of them.

* * *

No, he really isn't wrong. The release of WannaCry (not "WinCry" as stated in a previous Fungus post, sorry about that) was due entirely to the incompetence of the NSA. Somewhere--naturally I now cannot find it--I saw mention of some high muckity-much in the tech world criticizing governments for "stockpiling" vulnerabilities. It's apt criticism.

You can't control the spread of technology. Once something has been developed--whether it be atomic energy, an OS vulnerability, a frictionless bearing--it will be used, and if knowledge of the technology is widespread people will figure out for themselves how to do it.

The best defense against malware is keeping your system patched and running a good security program. People swear by Windows Defender; I usually suggest that as a minimum but I use WebRoot, myself, in conjunction with AdBlock running as a browser extension. I don't imagine my system is completely secure.

Best advice: Regular backups.

* * *

"Wife to wife" mother's day cards. That's bad enough, but really bad would be "husband to husband" mother's day cards. Don't know if we're there yet, but we will be if this shit doesn't turn around.

* * *

The impotent screaming of a frustrated toddler. That's how I would characterize it. Not "autistic".

That child in an adult's body can't cope with the foreign world view, can't stop it, can't even unsee it--so all she does is scream, scream, scream. It's too pathetic to be funny.

* * *

They're predicting gorgeous weather over the next week. I have lots of things that need doing, so I'm going to get after them just as soon as I finish this bottle of Pepsi.

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