atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5598: That's it, I need a break.

So, cleaning out the linen closet--

I had no idea there was so much crap in there. I sorted through the linens, checking for wear and stains, and ended up throwing away about 80% of them because they're shot. The remaining 20% looks like it's in donatable condition, so that's where that will go.

Then, the books.

Nearly all of them are getting donated. I'm not sure what to do with the yearbooks, though--Mom's and Dad's--because high school yearbooks from 1943-1947 (plus a couple of college yearbooks from later years) are mildly interesting to look at but utterly useless otherwise. There are exactly two people in those books with whom I have any kind of connection (guess who) but the rest of them are all strangers, and even the glimpse into the past afforded by old yearbooks is really not all that entertaining. Turns out American high school kids were approximately the same in 1945 as they are now, just with a hell of a lot less overt sex. (Cripes. A guy coming to school in girls' clothes, or coming out as gay, would've been expelled.) And you know, considering that today's public high schools are zoos rather than institutes of learning, I'm not convinced modern schools are better.

As for the yearbooks, I'm torn between donating them and throwing them away. Regardless, they can't stay there; I need those shelves for linens. Well, when in doubt, donate. You never know. I have a pile of other books to donate, too, so it won't be all that much more.

Well: I've finished my lunch, and now it's time to get back to work.

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