atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5602: WAT

What is this I don't even--
Here's What It's Like To Be A Queer, Polyamorous Kink Witch
Meet a woman who ties herself up and casts spells to find empowerment.
This is one of those times where words simply fail me. I sit here and look at the monitor with my mouth open in mute confusion, unable to find a way into the quagmire symbolized in those phrases.

And as usual I find the words once I break it into chunks to attempt to extract meaning from it.

"Queer, polyamorous"--so she's a lesbian slut. "Kink witch" means she has delusions of grandeur about being able to cast spells, and she apparently uses BDSM as her MO. She attempts to "find empowerment" by tying herself up--which would imply to me that she's incapable of finding someone willing to tie her up, and when I look at the pictures I can understand why--and then "casting spells" which points right back at "delusional" again.

When I look at the fringe of the Democrat party, and I compare them to the fringe of the Republican party, I find myself thinking I'd rather spend a week with the white supremecists than an hour with the queer kink witches. I mean, at least with the former there'd be guns and BBQ ribs; with the latter it'd be nothing but tofu and hummus and flat, humorless jokes about how stupid Republicans are.

(I'd rather not spend any time in the company of either. But only given the choices mentioned above....)

The article itself is about as fatuous as you'd expect, given the headline.


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