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#5605: Tinkering and cleaning

Having gone to get my wife's dry cleaning at 8 AM, I went back to bed after the last post and slept a while. Got up and cleaned the kitchen.

Microwave has been a mess for a while. While puttering in the garage I found a can of Easy Off, so I brought that inside and used it to clean the microwave. It's over the stove, so whenever you fry something some oil droplets land on it, and some of those surfaces had gummy oil residue that only Easy Off could remove. It did a handy job, let me tell you, and the microwave is now spic-and-span clean.

Dishes done, kitchen and microwave cleaned, I relaxed for a few minutes, then set to puttering again. The light over the front door got the 60w equivalent LED bulb from the post light, which got a 100w equivalent LED bulb. The porch light is now actual light rather than the feeble glow of a 40w equivalent CFL, which never did really live up to that potential anyway.

Put the generator cover back on the bike and reassembled everything else. Then I put the battery and 6 gallons of used oil in the back of the Jeep and went to O'Reilly's to get the battery tested and to drop off the oil for recycling. The guy there demurred, though, saying that he doesn't really have the equipment to test motorcycle batteries and he doesn't want to overheat it. Fine; I still left the oil with them. Advance closed at 8 so I gave up getting the bike battery tested today and returned home, to putter on.

I cleaned up the back patio considerably. The young robins are now sitting outside the nest; it's looking like they're learning to fly already. There are now only two; I guess one died. The remaining two look like they're both males.

But I got rid of the foliage growing from the crack between the elevated slab (the one that's foundation-grade so we could put a 4-seasons room on it if we wanted to) and the rest of the patio and sprayed Roundup on the other foliage that's growing from the cracks. It still needs further cleaning but it looks a hell of a lot better than it did.

Returned to the garage, organized the recylable fluids (so I don't accidentally take coolant to the parts store) and consolidated. I have a lot of used oil to get rid of, ditto for antifreeze--but for the latter I have to wait until there's a recycling day for that stuff. (Or, if I wanted to drive to Naperville on Saturday morning, I could get rid of it then. I must admit to being tempted.)

But! Cleaned, swept, organized, puttered, cleaned, and the area around the workbench is looking considerably less shitty than it did this morning. Given time I can get that garage ship-shape, but Mrs. Fungus has decreed that the garage has last priority. I need to work on the basement first. Heh.

The bike battery was showing "fully charged" on the old emergency sump pump charger; but yesterday it flipped back to charge mode, as if the battery itself had suddenly realized it had more capacity that needed filling. I took both charger and battery in after last night's severe thunderstorm warnings, even though it wasn't finished charging; put it back outside today but on the really good charger--that sump pump battery charger may not be working all that well--and I'll let it go overnight on the 2A setting. That'll guarantee that it'll be fully charged tomorrow, and if I'm feeling plucky I might hie myself over to the Yamaha dealership to see if they can check it out for me.

Everything I'm seeing on-line says that if all the components of the system check out, it must be the battery. (Well, I haven't yet checked the unloaded output voltage of the stator with my nifty pigtail set, but I'll do that when I get around to it.) Getting the battery checked might take half an hour. Get it checked, if it's okay reinstall it and check the unloaded stator output. And if that checks out, then it has to be weak magnets in the flywheel, which is a bitch. *sigh*

No one on-line talks about that being a problem, though, which is one of the main reasons I'm going to consider that a possibility only if absolutely everything else checks out.

Now, Og recently reminded me that the person who owned the motorcycle before I did had ridden it with one of the carbs not working right. It had a leaky float, so the engine would sometimes fill up with gasoline. It's been on fire once or twice (which is why the spare stator had no insulation on its wires) and that would be sufficient to weaken the rotor magnets. So it's decidedly possible this is the problem. But I'm not going to buy the tool etc until and unless I'm certain that's the problem, and I'm not there yet.

But, whatevs.

* * *

Nice timing department: I found, while cleaning my desk, a notification from my insurance company with a check inside reimbursing me for an overpayment. So I can use that money towards whatever parts I need to fix the bike. Win.

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