atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5608: Well WTF.

More cleaning today. Started in with laundry and working on the basement, but as the loads of laundry started coming out of the dryer I realized I needed a place to put the clean clothes, so I stopped work in the basement and went to work on cleaning out my dresser.

I took a bag of garbage out of it, and half a bag of donatables. I seriously had that many old clothes I would and could never wear again, and that many unused clothes I never would nor could wear. I'm talking big trash bags, the trashcan sized ones, not little kitchen bags. Holy crap. Plus the bag of trash I took out of the basement.

That also means that--in the past week--I have taken eight bags of trash out of the house.

I thought I was done with that, you know? I mean, all the crap I've thrown out or donated since 2012, I was pretty sure the obvious trash was all gone. To discover that no, I still have miles to go--well, crimony.

Anyway, with the trash and other stuff removed from my dresser, I can use it for clothes I wear. Even with all the socks and underwear I tossed, I still have about a jillion pairs of socks and underwear, enough to fill the bottom drawer. The next drawer up is where I'm keeping things I currently have noplace else to store (old correspondence, the zanzithophone, a couple rifle scopes, etc) and then the next drawer up has t-shirts, sweats, and shorts in it. Everything else is hung in the closet.


* * *

ALso unbelievable: trash was not picked up on Friday, and it was not picked up Saturday either. Like most of my neighbors on this side of the street I've left my cans at the foot of the driveway; no idea when the trash service will get around to picking it up.

Not sure what's going on; nothing about a strike or anything else on-line that I could find. Maybe the truck broke down or something. In any case, I have nowhere to put trash until the two barrels are emptied, which is starting to get a little inconvenient. Argh etc.

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