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#5609: I can generate that frequency for $0.00

528 Hz is magic, or something. It apparently repairs your DNA. This tuning fork, which can make an audible 528 Hz tone for maybe ten seconds, costs $32.

In my basement, I have my old electronics trainer box. It has a signal generator in it. I can set it to 528 Hz and hook up a cheap speaker to it, and it'll make that tone as long as the AC power holds up. I can change the waveform--sine, triangle, or square--but I can guarantee that the sine wave will be absolutely indistinquishable from the sine wave generated by a tuning fork.

And it will do no more good (or harm) than the tuning fork will.

* * *

I'm not sure what's going on here. By which I mean to say that I don't understand it well enough to explain it to someone else; I do believe I've grasped the gist of the explanation given, though.

Basic premise is that the auto bubble is popping, and vehicles coming off lease is going to play a big part in that. More, I cannot say without straining my brain, which has already been strained enough for one day with that "tuning fork" nonsense.

* * *

Once again, we see how many ways that "public accommodation" requirement goes. Just one. One only.

Okay: if you're a Christian and a baker, you are required to bake a cake for anyone who wants one. It doesn't matter if you're a baker in Bakertown, where all the businesses are bakeries and you're the only Christian bakery in the county. If a gay couple want you to bake their cake, you have to bake their cake, and you may not refuse to do so.

However, if you're lefty, you can exclude anyone you want.

I do appreciate the point he's making there, but the "politics" angle is going to be just as one-sided as anything else. The left will do everything it can to make sure the right wing cannot exclude the left wing based on politics even as it does everything it can to exclude the right wing. Hypocrisy is what they do.

* * *

This is really interesting: putting an AVR microcontroller in the place of an 8088 processor in a PC-XT clone. SO in other words, the AVR microcontroller is emulating an 8088.

It's technically challenging, of course, to get the system working as if an actual 8088 were in that socket. That's what makes it interesting.

* * *

It's cold and cloudy again today. I got up at noon intending to take Mrs. Fungus' car to the repair shop to get the AC looked at and the alignment re-done.

See: last week, I took the car to Pep Boys to get new tires on it. One tire had worn down to the wear indicators--just one--and the tires had been on it since 2014, so we figured it was time esp. with her daily commute. We discussed it and I ordered tires on-line and scheduled installation and alignment for Sunday the 14. No problem.

Got there ahead of time; everything was paid for so I just had to give them the keys and wait. Well, there turned out to be an issue: the alignment had been performed, but the front suspension had a seized fastener in it (tie rod end jam nut? He didn't say) that they needed their acetylene torch to unseize, only they were out of oxygen for it. "Bring it back and we'll redo it, free of charge," he said. Well, there's a 90-day warranty, so why not?

During the week, when it was hot out, Mrs. Fungus asked me to set up an appointment for today to get the AC looked at. Her AC is still malfunctioning; it works on moderate days but on hot days it craps out. When not working, the low side (which is where you fill it) shows as being overpressurized. When it is working, low side shows normal pressure. Og says "probably a clogged orofice tube" and I don't know enough about AC to agree or disagree. Anyway, it's a big deal to futz with, and we need a couple of days where I can dink with it--anyway, Mrs. Fungus decided just to take it to a shop. Fair enough. Made the appointment for today, same time as last week. And we'll get the alignment done at the same time.

So I get up today and go over there. Service writer doesn't see my appointment listed (I get home and see the confirmation in my e-mail) and then tells me he doesn't have anyone there today who can work on AC. He's about to get the car in for the alignment when someone else tells him there's also no one there who can do alignments.


I mean, WTF.

I get that auto mechanics are in demand; look through the want ads and you'll see a whole bunch of listings. They're looking for ASE-certified guys, people who have taken the tests to demonstrate they know what they know, and that is the hard part. Any swinging dick can change oil or grease zerks; it takes a little more skill to dive into an HVAC system and not cause random destruction.

Rick: "It's like asking a horse to fix a carousel. I mean, yeah, he'll try, but he'll just end up horrified."

But even so, WTF.

So, my positive image of Pep Boys as a decent place for automotive service has been dashed.

* * *

I didn't really expect them to pick up the trash on a Sunday, but it still hasn't been collected. Maybe tomorrow? I hope so. This is getting ludicrous.

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