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#5610: Oh, yeah, science! Science science science!!!

Except for some science. Science like biology, which states that there are two sexes, male and female, and that an organism's sex is determined by its genes. (We ignore, for the sake of this discussion, the fact that some organisms are hermaphroditic. But even those organisms have genes which code for this feature, and guess what? "An organism's sex is determined by its genes" still applies there!) Further, humans are either male or female. There are occasional mishaps where a human's genitals develop incorrectly, but that is rare.

So here, right where we'd expect to see it, we have the anti-science nonsense headline "Gender confirmation surgeries rose 20% in the last two years".

Humans are built such that you generally need not perform surgery to confirm their sex. Okay, you look at me, you know I'm male. You look at Lady Gaga, usually (depending on costuming) you can tell she's female. You look at Marilyn Monroe and there's absolutely no doubt what sex she is.

However, if you wish to change the outward appearance of a human to resemble that of the other sex, you must then perform surgery on him. And the fact is that the person in general still looks like the sex he actually is, so you can usually identify a transsexual. (Cosmetic surgery ain't that good.) And all you're really doing is mangling a person's body in an artful way to satisfy a delusion. That shows in every female-to-male surgery wherein the woman retains her uterus and vagina.

Changing the name of the procedure doesn't make it so. "Sex-change operation" became "gender reassignment surgery" and now they're trying to call it "gender confirmation", but it doesn't confirm anything.

* * *

This makes some good points. God does not love falsehood, nor does He love evil. Heck, let the article speak for itself:
...[W]e are to hate murderous barbarians, baby killers, and those who drop bombs on schools and hospitals. Why? Because our Lord hates hands that shed innocent blood.

I would say that we are to hate feminists, Communists, and advocates of perversion. Because our Lord hates a lying tongue, a heart that plots wicked schemes, and feet eager to run to evil.
And yeah, that includes people trying to normalize perversions of body and soul.

* * *

No the science is settled, this is impossible, so shut up already. You see, according to climatologists, rising CO2 is supposed to trigger the release of methane, and cause runaway global warming, and the science is settled. So this story that methane seeps are more than made up for by the sequestration of carbon dioxide is therefore impossible, making it badthink, wrongthink, and CLIMATE-DENIER-THINK!
Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, but the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere where the study was conducted more than offset the potential warming effect of the methane emissions that were observed.
That's unpossible because THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED and there's no mechanisms for global temperature to go down without humans curtailing their CO2 emissions WHY ARE YOU DENYING SCIENCE!!!!!!!!11111one-ene

Now back to reality: the science was never settled, and could not be, because we don't know everything about how the climate works. Certainly not enough to model it.

* * *

And now, we're going to switch gears from science politics to politics politics.

This demonstrates how many American lives the atomic bombs saved in World War II. The government had a huge number of Purple Heart medals made for the invasion of Japan. It was going to be a huge operation--bigger than D Day--and the number of casualties expected was staggeringly huge. The government got ready for it, among other things, by minting a staggeringly huge number of Purple Hearts...which the atomic bombs then obviated by showing Japan we could knock them back to the stone age without risking more than one or two bombers at a time.

So the government is still handing out Purple Hearts made for that purpose.

That's one thing that Harry Truman did right: using atomic bombs on Japan instead of putting Americans through that meat grinder.

* * *

Just call it "religion confirmation surgery" or something and it'll be fine. Minnesota has a pretty sizable population of Somali refugees, and it's been found that they've brought their barbaric islamic horseshit with them--big surprise--and are continuing to mutilate their daughters' genitals just as they did in Africa.

One branch of Minnesota's legislature unanimously passed a bill outlawing the practice--they needed to pass a law? There wasn't one already on the books??--but the other house has gone all squishy because the refugee resettlement industry is protesting the banning of a horrendous, savage, and unnecessary surgical procedure.

But, as I said, why not just say the surgery confirms something-or-other and forget all about it? I mean, if you're just doing surgery to confirm something about the victim patient, it's perfectly fine to chop and mutilate someone's genitals, right?

* * *

So, a little-reported issue from the last election: a guy name Seth Rich was found murdered during the runup to the last election. Seth Rich worked for the DNC and it turns out he was the guy leaking all that dirt about the Democrats to WikiLeaks. The latter bit only recently came to light, and it's leading people to wonder if there isn't some kind of connection.

A resident at the hospital says he was allowed to expire without much done to save his life.
DC surgery resident on call the night of Seth Rich's death says Rich's gunshot wounds were non-fatal, access to him by the doctors was blocked by DC police, and no code was called when he died.
If true--even partly--this is bad.

Reportedly there's a lot of worry in the DNC about this case. "Panic" is the word they use here.

Look: right now this is a conspiracy theory, and I don't buy 'em. But by the same token we've seen these kinds of things come and go for years, always on the Democrat side. (Vince Foster, for example.) People ask, "Why not just kill everyone who knows?" The one thing you don't do when you want a secret to remain secret is to kill everyone who knows something. Besdies, most of the time you can lean on them really hard and they'll promise anything. But killing everyone makes waves; it sets up an obvious pattern and the cops can't sweep eighteen atypical murders under the rug the way they can do so with just one. You pick a target and make an example of him; then you go to the others and say, "Yeah, So-and-so had to die because he wouldn't play ball. You want to play ball, don't you? It's a dangerous world out there, you know. I mean, look at this lovely wife and child you have. Certainly you'd play ball to keep them safe, wouldn't you?"

But the game is over if the story gets out. There's pressure the party can bring to bear, but some of those guys in law enforcement can't be pressured for one reason or another--and if it hits FBI, they're all screwed, because the FBI is protected.

History demonstrates that these scandals usually peter out after a little while. This probably will be the same.

* * *

Well, this morning they finally picked up the damned trash. What do you know.

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