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#5612: Death cult heard from again!

Suicide bomber in England! Yep, islam is right out there, shedding innocent blood in the name of allah, because jihad or something.

There's a comment here which sums things up neatly:

It lists twenty-one examples of islamic terror, in not even eighteen months.

When was the last time a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the middle east? Has it happened, or is this the first? Regardless, it won't be the last.

Related: no it's not you islamic savages. The savages in Detroit who had their daughters' genitals mutilated are claiming that's protected by the freedom of religion clause in the First Amendment. But guess what? It's not! Ace says it best: "When the issue is physical harm to another, religious liberty is usually no defense." That's why you can't go around sacrificing people; even if it's part of your religion and necessary to keep OogaBooga from eating the Sun, it is still murder and not protected by the First Amendment.

"Can't wait to hear all the feminists not talking about this case," Ace says, emphasis his, and I agree with him. There won't be a peep out of feminists over this, not even the "sex positive" ones (translation: sluts).

The only way to fix this crap is to throw them out and send them back.

The simple fact is that islam is incompatible with Western Civilization. The cult is murderous, savage, totalitarian, aggressively ignorant, and oppressive. It is tolerable only at a remove; let the muslims murder, rape, and mutilate each other, and leave the civilized world alone.

* * *

A relative handful of students walked out of Notre Dame's graduation ceremoney because Mike Pence "made them feel unsafe".

Well, that's okay. Here's a cookie and your bankie, and you just go have a seat in front of the TV and mommy will put on Romper Room for you. And if you need to cry, that's okay too. Poor little thing, I'm sorry the big mean man scared you. But you're going to be okay because mommy will--



* * *

Democrat vote fraud. Well, if you truly believe that no vote fraud takes place, it's only natural not to check voters' IDs before holding a vote for your state party leader.

Besides, the runner-up in your last primary for President says that requiring an ID to vote is "Jim Crow", which is code for raciss. WTF, Democrats, you ought to know that already, considering IT WAS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY WHICH MADE THOSE JIM CROW LAWS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Heh. Sure is fun to watch this crap.

* * *

California legislature proposes the state move to a single-payer health care plan, with uttery predictable results. Said result being that the state budget will literally triple in order to pay for it. The estimate is that the health insurance bill will come to $400 billion annualy, which is a bit more than twice the state's annual budget (about $180 billion). So in order to pay for health care for each person in the state, they'd have to raise taxes to 3x their present level, when California is already the state with the highest taxes in the union.

"Oh, but people won't have to buy health insurance any more, so it'll even out!" Sure it will. Let me remind you that the $400 billion figure is an estimate, and every time--EVERY TIME--government has released estimates for what a new program would cost, EVERY TIME it has been a LOWBALL figure.

Take a look for yourself. Medicare. Medicaid. Social Security. Food stamps. WIC. Obamacare. High speed rail. Anything.

$400 billion is probably optimistic. $600 billion seems more likely, particularly once people realize they don't have to pay anything for health care. Shortly thereafter comes the rationing as the state realizes they have more health care payments than anything else; and with rationing come the death panels.

Of course, no one in the media will tell the people of California how much this will cost them, so it'll get voted into law; and then when everything goes to shit (as it inevitably must) California will turn to the feds for help.

It'd be better if we could just have the Marines saw the state off the continent and sink it in the Pacific with all hands.

* * *


So much for Afrogenesis! Humans did not evolve in Africa. The settled science has settled elsewhere as they've now found fossils showing that our earliest common ancestor came from Europe.

The evolutionary path from apes to humans shows that the split occurred in Europe some 7.2 million years ago. So yeah, we're not all Africans after all.

Eventually they'll get around to remembering that the ancient Egyptians were not negroid but caucasoid.

* * *

Weird world! Theoretically possible, not observed, and nowhere you'd want to visit, but interesting.

Well, "nowhere you'd want to visit" if you're not into molten rock fog with the occasional molten meteroid. It's interesting, though, to think about.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I tried out the Bonefish Grill last night, and we really liked it. The food was outstanding and I am refreshed by servers who say "you're welcome" rather than "no problem".

The only thing marring our evening was the birthday party a couple of tables over. The "fine irish lads and lasses" themselves weren't the problem; it was that they sent their kids over to the table next to ours so they wouldn't be bothered by them.

WTF--it's 9 PM on a school night and you're lingering in an upscale restaurant, with your sub-teen podlings making a ruckus because they're bored. Mrs. Fungus figured the kids had eaten dinner before going to the restaurant, because the menu there is not kid-friendly. They had the kids sit at such remove from them--two or three tables away!--it was just manifestly rude, and inconsiderate of other diners.

But that wasn't the restaurant's fault. The food, staff, and ambience were excellent. I ate too much.

* * *

Lower 60s, dreary day, threatening rain. I feel pretty flat, myself. I've still got a lot of work that needs doing, so I'm going to chip away at it, but I'd much rather go back to bed and sleep for a few more weeks.

Well, I don't get to. Up and at 'em.

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