atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5613: Hump, busted (day two).


Today I dug into the basement again, put in a solid four hours on it, like yesterday--and the improvement from yesterday to today is night and friggin' day!

A larger area of floor is accessable than ever before. I have a table set up in the corner with chairs at it; this table--once cleared of computer hardware, which is a project for another time--will be a perfect workstation for electronics tinkering. I got rid of the old, old, childhood desk I bought at a garage sale for something like $2 or $3, and which remained in my room for a very long time; the slots I cut for formfeed paper are a reminder that its last role was as a printer stand, before it ended up as a storage table in the basement, simply keeping things off the floor.

I was debating keeping it for a little longer, until I went to move it and the top came off in my hands, revealing that where the back and left side join had split--trash!--so I went with my alternate plan, which was to bring a table from Dad's house in and put it in its place. That's the corner table, and it's very nice there.

Vacuumed, vacuumed, vacuumed. Tossed just one bag of trash today, but that makes May's total twelve friggin' bags of trash removed from the house. Cut down a bunch of old boxes and tossed 'em into the recycling bin. (Including the box for my Koss boom box. What can I say? It was perfect for storing videotapes, but since I threw away a lot of tapes, I no longer need it. 22 years later, box still usable--dang.)

It's Tuesday, and we have room for two kitchen bags of trash in one barrel. Otherwise, we're full up. Shit. But the basement looks fantastic and I can't wait for my wife to see what it looks like.

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