atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5615: The good stuff

Tuesday night, when she got home from work, Mrs. Fungus was impressed with how clean the basement is. I can't say I blame her; it is a night-and-day difference.

* * *

I'm still depressed over my failure. I'll feel better tomorrow. It's just that the job I'd applied for was perfect for me--fixing stuff--and this was a stupid failure over something stupid, the tiniest of gaps in knowledge that I literally fixed with Googe in about a minute and a half. (No "outside sources" allowed during the test, of course.)

Not to mention that the salary was really good, more money than I've ever made, even at the cushy tech writing job in Cedar Rapids.

And it's not the kind of thing at which I'll get a second chance, I don't think. *sigh*

But today I took some on-line assessments for an industrial IT job. That would also be good, though I expect it won't pay as well. We'll see, I guess. At least it would be a job that used my technical skills.

* * *

And we're just about to Memorial Day weekend. Summer officially begins on Monday.

Our gas grill is out of gas. Maybe I can remedy that tomorrow or Saturday or something.

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