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#5616: And it will be placed on the forehead or the left hand.

No. Just no. No chips, no tats, no biometric data, nothing like this. Call me as crazy as you like, but the Number of the Beast is not going to be a big obvious flaming pentagram; it's going to be something sold as a "convenience" and "harmless" long before it becomes mandatory and they put you in jail if you refuse to accept it.

* * *

That antifa douche who clocked a guy with a bike lock has been arrested for "assault with a non-firearm deadly weapon". I told you that he'd face "assault with a deadly weapon" if caught. Maybe others in the antifa movement will be more reluctant to--ahh, hell, who am I fooling? They don't change. If real-world facts had any effect on them at all they wouldn't be antifa fools in the first place.

* * *

Fred Reed rather neatly dissects the culture of the mainstream media.
Ask them whether they are rich. They will say no, and believe it. Yet when friends drop in, the question will be whether to eat Turkish or Thai on the Hill. For much of America, dinner in a Turkish restaurant on Cap Hill, where the waiter puts a white napkin in your lap and the bill for four with drinks and tip is $180, would be the adventure of a lifetime.
He's right.

* * *

First launch of privately-owned orbit-capable rocket from a privately-owned launch site. This is the essence of capitalism: all kinds of people try to get in on the gravy train, seeking underserved markets. There may, or may not, be a need for small launchers like this one, something that can be set up in a couple of weeks to get maybe an eighth of a ton into orbit; time will tell. But enough people think there is (or will be) a market for this capability that they're putting everything they've got into realizing it. Regardless of whether this venture is successful, it's a step forward for us all.

That is why I support the privatization of space: the sooner private companies are doing all that neat stuff up there, the sooner it begins raining soup on all of us.

* * *

Kirchoff's laws are the foundation of circuit analysis but holy crap does the math get hard fast. I still can't believe I passed two semesters each of DC and AC circuit analysis. (I should dig out the parody commercial some friends and I made and post it on YouTube; perhaps I'll do that this weekend if I have any time.)

* * *

"This is India, the place you call when you have technical problems." I pity the guys who have to work on those wires.

Yeah, that.

* * *

Yeah, this is pretty disgusting. Female "Ghostbusters" ham it up in a childrends' cancer ward. Oh boy how wonderful /sarcasm

* * *

Headline: "Rock-solid evidence that Star Trek: Discovery is gonna suuuuuuck". Hell, I knew that ages ago. I can't find the post now, but I knew this was going to be shit when they gleefully announced that they'd have an openly gay character, and a this character and a that character. They're going to have such diversity that a Star Trek series has never seen before!

But here's the problem: when you decide your cast of characters has to check off boxes on a list of quotas, you throw everything else to the wind. You're no longer writing a science fiction story but a character study about being gay in Starfleet or being a fat, bald, left-handed Crotobaltislavonian male lesbian transsexual with erectile dysfunction and bad breath on a Federation starship.

You are writing, in other words, boring shit no one wants to watch.

Okay, you want an example? Tasha Yar, from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Because the sum total of her character development was to mention "rape gangs" every time her past came up. "You sure can run fast, Tasha!" "Yes, I learned to run to get away from the rape gangs!" "Hey, Tasha, can you show me how to fight?" "Sure, I'll show you how I beat off the rape gangs!" (Wait, that might need a rewrite....)

The point is, little Ms. Tasha "Didn't make it through the first season but at least it wasn't because of the rape gangs" Yar always mentioned the rape gangs on her homeworld, which is a human colony world where the government has collapsed to near-total anarchy, yet Starfleet can't be fucked to step in and alleviate the war crimes and other horrors that occur there on a daily basis. Too busy fighting against cis-hetero-normativity in the bathrooms, I guess.

Seriously, any time the camera pointed at her for more than a moment--if Tasha Yar was at all involved in the story of the week--you knew you'd hear "rape gangs" mentioned. It was bad enough that I expected, when ordered to fire phasers, she'd acknowledge the command and then, executing it, say, "That is for the rape gangs!"

...and Tasha Yar was so one-dimensional, the show carried on just fine without her. The episode where the character got killed off--"Skin of Evil"--was amazingly boring, particularly because killing the character was a MacGuffin for everyone else to ham it up about how sad they were over the loss of what's-her-name. She was dead and gone within ten minutes of the opening credits and the rest of it was "OH NOES TASHA IS DEAD WHO'S GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE RAPE GANGS NOW?" Absolutely no tension at all. They didn't even take out the entity that killed her; they just kind of left. "Well, we can't do anything about it...." Probably the only time the Enterprise skulked away from a confrontation rather than triumph over the bad guys, because fighting back would have taken time away from the navel-gazing. A complete waste.

I'm imagining this new series being nothing but "Skin of Evil" over and over and over again, each week a new story exploring some stupidly boring PC topic like how tough it is to be openly gay in a heteronormative organization like Starfleet. Oh, whatever does a gay Klingon do, living in a culture of macho warrior types who'd kill you for being gay? (That's what makes the Klingons evil this time around! Their cultural homophobia!)

...and of course people who are calling this crap out are dismissed as "racist" and "bigoted". You know, we don't watch Star Trek because we want to see a gay guy struggle with his low self-esteem after the Klingon ambassador calls him a girly-boy and slugs him. We want to watch exciting stories about exploring space and blowing up bug-eyed monsters and doing interesting things in exotic locales. Let me see someone heroically repair a warp engine while hanging off the thing in a spacesuit, and not have some PC jerk crow about the scene being a triumph for transgender women of color because it shows that they're just as capable as white males.

"First interracial kiss" was the big moment for the original series; now each new series must attempt to break new ground. Problem is, there's no new ground to break. "First lesbian kiss" on DS9 was a complete yawner; there was all this gleeful anticipation from the lefties about how this was going to make the right's heads all explody; then the episode aired and everyone said, "Yeah, so?" NO ONE CARED.

It may have been the first lesbian kiss on broadcast TV in America. But thirty years of constant cultural degradation--the left pulling up the moral guardrails--completely eliminated any way for that DS9 ep to cause the ruckus that Kirk kissing Uhura did. In 1966 the Democrats were still clinging to Jim Crow; in 1996 the left had already started to shove homosexuality down our throats.

So Star Trek: Discovery is basically nothing but political correctness in a shiny SF wrapper, and they're pre-emptively trying to explain away the failure of the series as being due to "bigotry". But a turd is a turd, no matter who extrudes it.

* * *

I did not expect that to go on that long. I have more work to do, and I'd better get after it. *sigh*

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