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#5620: Thoughts and stuff

Beautiful weather is predicted this week, all week, though Monday says "chance of rain" and Sunday says "thunderstorm". I'm hoping to get the grass cut this weekend, but that may not happen. Temps are predicted to be extremely pleasant, upper 60s into mid-70s. I can deal with that.

I want to finish working on the motorcycle's charging system, and see if I can't get that fixed. I also want to work on clearing some of the junk out of the garage, particularly the old, moldy, moused-up magazines that I kept the last time I cleaned in there. There's plenty of stuff which needs going through, and I'd wager if I were to go through it, I'd find stuff which could be dumped and other stuff which could be stored in a much more efficient fashion. All it takes is effort.

I want as much garage space as I can manage. I have things I want to do, which I can only reasonably do in the garage, and I need room in which to do them.

Tomorrow I'm taking a bunch of oil to the auto parts store. If I'd been thinking at all, when I put Mrs. Fungus to bed I would have gone myself, got up when she did, and hauled all the old coolant to that collection point in Naperville. Well, perhaps I can do that Sunday. It'd be nice to be rid of all that crap and have the floor space back; and I will, sooner or later.

Then what? Well, I still have the dirt bike. It's in pieces, and needs reassembly; at this point I'm seriously considering tearing it down further in order to clean the frame and hit it with some Rustoleum in spots. Pull the engine apart and replace the gaskets and seals, and get it totally clean. Then reassemble, with the skid plate and other bits and pieces. I think I have everything needed to build a working speedometer; I need to find some kind of taillight assembly that won't cost $4,000 and will do everything I need, but this is complicated by the fact that the dirt bike has a 6v system. I am still keeping open the option of making my own from sheet metal; we'll see.

Ideally I want the dirt bike to start, run, and ride like it hasn't been alternately beaten to death and neglected over its 45-year lifespan. Absent buying a lot of parts for it, it will never look as good as the other examples of Suzuki TS-90s which have been cared for, but I don't mind that so much as long as everything works. The important part is, I have everything I need to button up the exhaust system so it'll only be about as loud as most 2-cycle bikes are. I also have all the parts needed to restore the engine to full power. All that is really needed right now is time and effort.

And then, once it's back to 100%, I still have the bike carrier and can haul it anywhere I like with the Jeep.

Speaking of the Jeep, it sure would be nice if I could pull the headliner out and redo it. Again, I need room for that. The headliner backer board has to first be wire-brushed to get the dead foam off it; then I need room to spray the new fabric with contact cement, and to lay it on the backer board. Preferably indoors where there's no wind. Where I can set up tables or sawhorses or something to support the thing while I work on it. It's more than seven feet long. Yeah.

(I'll buy fabric when I have room to work.)

When Mom was still alive, I was thinking about how nice it would be to insulate the garage's outer walls and drywall it. Never did get around to that. The garage has always seemed a bit dingy because it wasn't finished inside; painted walls would help a lot, and would reflect light better. Oh well.

...and the birds have begun to sing. Dawn is coming; I should have been in bed hours ago. Well, it's late, but it's not too late.

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