atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5621: Are you kidding?

"The Right Is Afraid Of Me Because I Don't Die" quoth Hillary Clinton. Like any rational beings we're afraid of anything that doesn't die. It's unnatural and probably evil.

You will never be President, Hillary. Don't go away mad; just go away.

* * *

This is obvious, if you think about it. Leftism is weak because there's no truth behind its ideology, and because the ideology itself is the antithesis of human nature. That's why leftism, like islam, must be violent; there is no other compelling reason to adhere to the ideology except for the threat of violence.

For the same reason, they have to lie about everything. If they tell the truth, no one will join, so they lie about everything, constantly. They twist words beyond reason. Orwell wasn't kidding when he said, "Slavery is freedom." It's what they do.

What they do is find the most politically advantageous way to interpret something and hammer it, regardless of how ridiculous it is. That's how a desire to ban infanticide becomes "taking health care away from women". That's how wanting to stop illegal immigration becomes "racism". Wanting low taxes is "greed". Being skeptical of anthropogenic global warming is "denying science".

It's all they have. The left cannot point to any successes of its ideology because none exist; instead they insist that "the wrong people" tried it. The implication being, "If you let us do it, of course it'll work fine, because we're smarter than anyone." Except that it never works, regardless of who tries it, because it's lies piled atop lies. It can never work, because it's so contrary to human nature it fails every time it's tried, no matter who tries it, no matter why.

It's why the left does everything it can to censor and silence its opposition. It's too weak to withstand contrary voices. It's why the USSR had informants everywhere, why no one could say a word contrary to what the State deemed to be politically correct. (The concept of "political correctness" itself comes from the Soviet Union.) It wasn't because the communist revolution was strong; it was because it was so weak that no dissent could be tolerated.

That's how you can tell the strength of an ideology: how does it tolerate dissent? Because if the proponents of that ideology want nothing more than to stifle the speech of its opponents, if they move mountains to make sure their opponents are silenced, that ideology is weak.

It's weak, so weak that it cannot withstand the slightest challenge. Because if other opinions are allowed in its presence, it will crumble.

* * *

Well! Gorgeous day today; I'll have to check the back yard to see how swampy it is. Maybe get that grass cut if it's not too bad, at least the front and east 40. Whee!

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